Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who ate all the pies?

Well, I managed to survive another christmas. A family christmas at home this year with no travelling meant the comfort of being in my own home. This is the first in nearly ten years for us and it was nice to have my family around. It did entail some collateral damage though. Due to the requirement to eat far too much rich food and sample way too many fine (and not so fine) drinks, my waistline was an early casualty. Coupled with the deludge that Queensland has endured over the last few weeks, curtailing any exercise involving two wheels I am starting to puff just walking up stairs! Not good. On the up side, santa was very kind to me this year. He must have checked my undie drawer first as my sock and undie count was zero, while my new digital SLR camera count was 1! Woo hoo!!

To set the scene, about twelve months ago I purchased a mag trainer so that the weather would not interrupt my training schedule.
Well, after one ride on a "go nowhere bike" I very gently pushed it into a corner. I definitely have an issue with putting the hurt on myself yet not benefiting from being outdoors. Fast forward to the big wet of 2010. I have been shuffling my ever increasing girth around the house, looking sideways at the trainer, thinking "yeah, I should" then "no way, the boredom will do my head in".

What to do? There will be no MTBing for a while yet. Way too wet still. Do I really want to pedal my heart out only to go nowhere? Do I need to? Er...well yes, probably!

Too much of the above demands that I do something. Luckily for my sanity the weather report is finally inaccurate. Instead of the precipitation that is forcast, my alarm wakes me to partial sunlight! Yes sir, right here in the sunshine state. Real sunshine.

 So I saddle up. The road steed will suffice today. I don't normally stop during a road ride, but today was an exception. Here is the view from Cornubia toward Mt Staypleton and that folks is sunshine, albeit weak, but sunshine nonetheless! Speaking of weak, that is how my legs felt today. It is surprising  how quickly fitness fades away especially when it is overwhelmed by way too much good food and perhaps a little too much neck oil. Actually, is there such a thing as too much good food?


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