Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Flypast

I am not normally one to look back on the year and reminisce, but there again, I have never chronicled the goings on in my humble little existence before either. So with that thought in mind lets look at the highlights(that I can remember) of the year two thousand and ten in numbers.

Two- The number of children I started the year with..........and ah, yep just checking, the number I finished it with!

Five- The number of bicycles that I have been able to collect over the last year. 3 MTB, 1 Road and 1 hybrid.

Two thousand four hundred and fourty- The number of kilometers that I rode the above bikes for this year.

Ten- The number of official Mountain bike races that I competed in this year.

Nine- The number of official Mountain bike races I finished. Damn that Mebbin mud!

Two- The number of times I went over the handlebars this year.

Seven hundred and twenty eight point eight- The number of hours that I spent with a Boeing 737 strapped to my back. Yes, that is over 30 days.

Ninety five- The number of nights that I was able to sample the hospitality of some 3 or 4 star hotel on a layover. Hey, it saves wear and tear on my mattress!

Three- The number of home brew batches that I put down. I did have quite a bit of assistance with drinking them. Thanks to those selfless individuals that saved me from drowning under that 150 litres of beer!

Two- The number of months that passed without a drop of alcohol passing my lips. Cycling influence there.

Eighty Six- The number of times I drew on my white work shirt when my damn pen failed to retract!!

Twenty five- Way too small a number for the times I was able to ride with friends this year.

Ten- The number of mince fruit pies I ate in the last few days.

Three- The number of kilograms that my mass has increased by due to said pies and a little christams cheer.

ONE-  loving and supportive wife that lets me do all of the above. Without her backing up there would be no time to acheive much at all. Thanks Rebecca.

Here is to another great year in Twenty Eleven and may the skies continue to be safe, the mountain biking flowing and all of my family and friends remain healthy and happy.

See you next year.

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