Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday morning wheeling

Well it is wednesday again and when I am not working that can only mean one thing.

Bloody cold.
Be there.
Some weren't.
I was.

I met Jim(CFSM) just around the corner from home and we proceeded to wind our way through the Cornubia singletrack to keep speeds down and warmth up. It worked, as I was dripping with sweat by the time we got to the top of the escarpment.
In Daisy we met up with a somewhat smaller group of three others, no doubt in part due to the chilly weather (it is all relative.10 degrees celcius is cold in a sub tropical climate!) and in part the school holidays.

The decision was made to keep moving to stay warm. It seemed to work...

......until it began to rain. Just lightly, but the gathering darkness was not a good sign as I had about 10 kilometres to ride home if it did decide to really tip down. Hurried goodbyes and thanks were exchanged as we exited Ripley's and I headed for home.
As I got closer to home the rain seemed to ease, so I decided to take the opportunity to ride the single track again and proceeded down Stupidly Happy, where it looked as if there had been no rain.

Now, as I am sure many people know, I am a slow learner. I bragged about not having the flu all year and pow, sick all last week. I was expounding the virtues of tubeless tyres to Jim this morning. "I have never had a puncture since going tubeless". POW! On a rocky 'G out' I staked the rear tyre on a sharp rock.

Luckily it was only about one kilometre from home so rather than throw a tube in, I walked and scootered down Resurrection into my backyard, wet but happy.

15 minutes early for babysitting duties too!
I will keep my mouth shut in future.


  1. Um, you guys sure 'fly' flyboy on those trails.
    You know, here in the Matrix (CBD) scarves and trenchcoats have come out for our frosty cold winter days....sigh! But its so nice out this time of year!
    How sweet are the trails with the recent rain!!!
    I got an hour in on way home Tues.....Choc Buddha, Possum box and Spotted Gum were uber fun!

  2. It is the only way to stay warm! Yes, you must escape for a dirt fix.

  3. Damn it FB I lashed out on some Stan's on your advice!!!

  4. Hey Jim, I was only running 20 psi and I noted today that it had broken the bead on the impact with the rocks. The tyre was only a folding bead job, so a proper UST tyre would be pukka mate. I will put 30 psi in it for riding SH from now on. I rode the new Trek on SH today with 30 psi in the 26" wheels with no problems.


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