Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Varied Week

After Mt Perry there was a fair amount of cleaning and packing away of camping gear. Probably the bit I most dislike about camping, but it makes for an easy camp next time.
Before I know it, it is wednesday and time to gently blow the cobwebs out of the legs with the Regular Daisy Hill Wednesday Morning Ride. As I leave the driveway at 5:15am though I notice that Chris's garage is open with the light on. Ouch, this will hurt! No such thing as a gentle transit to Daisy Hill when accompanying Chris. I seem to set my new record transit times on mornings like this. Surprisingly my legs feel OK this morning, despite the hammering they took at Mt Perry three days earlier. The monday lunch cruise must have done them wonders!
Once at Daisy Hill we met up with four of the regulars for a very brisk ride. Luckily for me Floody noticed I was flagging at certain times and very kindly invoked a flat tyre to slow the pace for some recovery time. Jody asked me to take a photo because people say he never helps, but notice his left foot and Floody tugging at his good tube? If that is how he helps change a flat it is best he stands back and just gives cheek like the rest of us!

When I was suffering again shortly later we had some more of this.

Thanks for a great ride, as usual guys. You have got to LOVE winter in Brisbane!

Thursday was back to work with a quick trip to Bali to relax and prepare for the next Sunshine Series race at Karingal. Tough work and perhaps not the best preparation in hindsight, particularly the bit where we sat up all night at 38 000ft!

Note the third world smoothness of the runway!

Beer o'clock.

My Digs.

Home sweet home. You climbers may recognise some of the peaks in the distance. I love how clear the air is after a frontal system scours the contaminants away.

As for the race at Karingal, I started well, within sight of the leaders until the second climb. Then something went "pop" and my thighs felt like they were on fire and just wouldn't push for about a lap. They did come good on the last lap and I managed a safe top 10 finish out of a field of 40!(C grade mens) Happy days!


  1. Looked like a nice swell at Aiports reef ... and that landing !!! Did you have the wheels down or is it really that rough? ;-)

  2. It was actually a pretty smooth landing. The shake is a combination of a rough runway and the cabin crew member who was sitting in the jump seat just holding her arms out with the camera and not bracing them against anything. I now call her "Spaghetti Arms".

  3. Honestly, I didn't cause the 2nd puncture!


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