Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time for the money shot!?

Ok, the fun of the race on the weekend is left behind. This week is one of two throughout the year when it is time to prove that I still have the physical and mental ability to earn my living, support my family, pay my mortgage and generally feel useful! So no stress then! It is time to step into one of these "time machines"

And to prove that I can still do this safely with numerous failures

The view from outside


Without ANY of this

Now, a certain  Australian ex Prime Minister seemed to think that "overpaid" taxi drivers was an apt title for my profession, but I have never seen a taxi driver leave such a huge black streak on the earth when he got it wrong(and these guys above actually got it very RIGHT ,condolences to the people on United 232 that didn't make it, quite a few did).
Not trying to talk what we do up, but it is a massively stressful couple of days for us. It is not like the check pilots say "That was close, lets try it again". You need to get it right the first time, otherwise the dole queue is the next best offer! Luckily for me I must contain a tiny bit more talent than I appear to posses, as I am good for another six months (unless I f#%k up in the mean time) and I can slightly relax and enjoy the sheer pleasure of belting through the Aussie bush on my mountain bike and the skies in a borrowed Boeing 737. Ever wondered why sheep jump 4 feet into the air as they leave the shearing shed? I live that feeling every six months!!


  1. I had a relative on United 232, sadly she didn't make it home. But I'm told the luggage was returned unscathed. The task of landing that plane given the available controls was incredible..... So how did you go in the simulator? I remember Stapleton airport well from my childhood.

  2. Sorry to hear about your relative Jaman. The crew were very skilled and thought outside the box to get the aircraft on to an airfield.
    Luckily for me they don't try anything that difficult on a recurrent basis. The 232 scenario is a one in 10 000 000 type of failure, which makes it all the more tragic.


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