Saturday, July 3, 2010

Night (H)Owl

Back to work this week and while it is good to be healthy again, it is straight back into the fire with an allnighter. The dreaded "redeye".
You know the flight. It is the all night run that gets you to wherever you need to be at "sparrows". You hate it because you feel yuk at the end. Well, we feel exactly the same if not worse, because we still have to be sharp until the aircraft is parked on the bay at the very end.
That is a 231km/h headwind which added about 40 minutes to the flight and cost the company an extra 880kg of fuel. And all for the same ticket price!

Strangely enough, there is not a lot to see at night. So photos are at a minimum.

Recovering the next day, it is amazing the sights you can see while lazing by the pool sipping an ice cold beverage. A section of Aussie troops about to deploy to Afghanistan with their bomb detection dogs were putting in some last minute team building next door....

How to/how NOT to run down a wall!
All the best guys for a safe return.

Top End sunset.

Feels like S.E. Asia.

Stylised Jabirus were everywhere at the new Wharf One development.

The return was much more civilised with a daylight run giving awesome views of central Australia including Lake Eyre full of water. It is so huge that even from 39 000ft, I could not fit it into the viewfinder of the camera!
It always amazes me that in a country the size of ours(same as all of North America or Europe) how you can be seemingly in the middle of the outback and still have huge jets whizzing by (at approved distances of course).
Home for a few days off now and no doubt time for a cycle ride or two. See you soon.FB.


  1. Great photos Dave... and the video is pretty funny too :-))

    Will catch up on the bike soon.


  2. Funny because it is my first attempt at editing a video or funny because the guy on the right looked like he was about to eat it?

    Name the time Gaz :)


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