Tuesday, February 25, 2020

What Have I Got Myself Into ??

I had typed an informative post but my stupid iPad somehow ate it just as I was finishing up. I can’t believe how fcuking shit Apple products are to actually use and interact with other websites. Millions have been drinking the cool aid and I just can’t see it. I might have to look at a small pc to use at work instead of the company issued iPad.

So, the short version -
Basically I am heading off to have a crack at the Vic Divide 550 today after I get home from work. There is a LOT of bush/singletrack and a SHITLOAD of climbing in this route!! I am not sure how I will actually go but I am going to give it a crack.

Looking across Mt Buller (1805m - arrowed) back southwest towards Melbourne. Mt Buller is 331km and a HEAP of climbing along the route!!

The Route is here on Ride With GPS. (and below)

My Spotwalla page is here. Not sure if it will work....

If the Spotwalla isn’t effective then my Spot page is here.

Wish me luck. I'll bloody well need it!!



  1. You can't eat those batteries, you silly push bike rider!

  2. That looks crazy - but good luck.
    Oh, and all touch screen devices are crap imo. One wrong gesture and anything can happen.


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