Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Chillertek's Visit To South East Queensland - The Planning

Steve and I hatched a plan at the MotoGP for him to come up and spend a few days riding the roads in South East Queensland (SEQ). He had previously done only one trip up this way. That was when Kwoky moved to Brisbane and got an escort out of NSW....probably just to make sure he left.... ;)

We decided to wait until the weather cooled down a bit up here as it is just too muggy to enjoy riding around SEQ all day in summer. To maximise time on the roads he will fly up and ride one of my bikes, thereby saving at least two days travelling time. It is looking like we might have a window of opportunity in March or April so I have been getting everything sorted. 

This is what I have come up with as a rough plan so far.

Wind it on like Mick!!

Heading North to start

(We get to do Mt Glorious twice going this way!)

Day 1

I can't get an embeded map to show the correct route but it does from a link. Go figure?!

Day 1 total 325km. Stay at the Pomona Hotel?

Day 2

Section 1

Section 2

Day 2 total 495km. Stay at the Crown Hotel, Urbenville.

Day 3

This is the actual map of what I want above. Maps won't let me embed the version I want for some reason. We will go back to Tabulum, then up through Urbrnville again. The road from Tenterfield to Woodenbong has a few unsealed bits and my R1 isn't going on the dirt!!

Day 3 total 416km(ish). Stay in the Commercial Hotel, Kyogle.

Day 4

Can add bits to today if we like. Could do Currumbin Valley rd, then back to Chillingham - Natural Bridge. 
As is, Day 4 total 274km.

Bike prep is underway with both being washed and the R1 getting 15.5 litres of the good stuff.

She got a bleed of the brakes as that hadn't been done since...... sheesh! Has it been three years already?!! Yep that fluid was a dark honey colour........

The route may change as ideas came in - especially in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland roads as I haven't really been up there in the last 10 years or so....not even in the car. My memory of where to ride is sketchy and when we did ride up there I was mostly chasing chooks

Anyway, fingers are crossed for days off to line up, flights to be lightly loaded and the weather to be kind. 
What could possibly go wrong?!!!


It will be just like old times!!


  1. Nothing could possibi go wrong......er that's the first thing that's ever gone wrong

  2. Good mix of roads. Been enjoying the report on Steves blog.

    1. Yeah, I am letting him do all the work. I might chime in with some photos later.


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