Tuesday, March 8, 2016

High Time For Some TLC

Now before you get all excited that this might be going somewhere interesting, I am referring to giving some TLC to my much neglected R1.

Sharing the shed with the Tour Divide rig.

Yep, I have had it in the shed for just over 4 years now and in that time a mere 3957km (2473mi) have rolled under it's wheels. Some may say that this is criminal and a bike deserves to be let out but I counter with my original plan that this bike is a keeper that I want to limit the kilometres (metric miles) that appear on it's odometer.

However, it has been 3 1/2 years and 3177km (1985mi) since I last did an oil and filter change on her. The mileage was probably ok but the 3 1/2 years in this humid environment probably wasn't so good with moisture ingress bound to have occured. 

So it was off to Ultimate Motorcycle Spares for some Motul 5100 and a filter. That rocked me back just shy of 100 beer coupons but divided by 3 1/2 years I guess I can live with that.

I had ridden the bike to go test ride another bike (no, not this but something similar...) , so it was nicely warmed for the old oil to be dropped. Shit that stuff stays hot for a long time though!!

While I waited for the oil to drain I cast an eye over the bike, something I haven't done for at least a few years. Just taking some time to eyeball my bikes, be they motor or pedal, is something that I rarely get to do. My spare/down time is unfortunately spent in a hotel room on the other side of the country and when I am home it is always ALL SYSTEMS GO! It was actually quite relaxing to just sit and sip a cup of tea and relax.

Until I noticed that a bolt was missing of course. Yep, I had noted that when the bike had it's swing arm resprayed a few years back I couldn't get any torque on the bolt that holds the chain slider (and my registration label holder at the time. You can see how they put the rego label on the race stand pickup! ;( ). It had been stripped when they put it back together. I didn't say anything at the time because I felt I had a great outcome with the battery distributors going above and beyond to make my bike right after their product screwed up.

So now it is missing so I will have to look at getting a helicoil or similar to anchor the slider.

Anyway, the job took almost no time to complete but what is with these "easy pour" spouts? 
I think it took longer to pour the oil out of the silly spout on the Motul bottle than the whole rest of the job!

It looks like that new chain finally needs some lube and while I am at it I am sure the brakes need bleeding. 3 1/2 years since I did that little chore and in this sub tropical humidity I guess it is past due as well.

Why this sudden burst of action I sense you thinking? Despite what I wrote above, I do reserve the right to actually put some kilometres on that odometer and well, it looks like I will be heading out for a ride this coming Sunday and Monday and I want everything to be in tip top shape for lots of this.....

I have some visitors to show around the roads of northern New South Wales and South East Queensland and I don't want to let them down......



  1. All bikes need a little TLC at some point. I haven't put many miles on mine in the last two years but 10,000 miles averaged over the 5 years isn't too bad I guess.

    Enjoy your ride!!

  2. Put some air in those wooden tyres of yours......

  3. But seriously, looking forward to riding with you again bro, its been 2 years since last time.

    1. Yep, looking forward to it! Been getting excited the last few days! Need to remember how to ride again though. Has it been 2 years since NZ already?


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