Sunday, October 8, 2017

Great Cycle Challenge - The Rest Of The First Week


Ok, just a quick bulk update from the first week of my Great Cycle Challenge.

Everyone should be up to speed with Day 1 as per my previous post.

Day 2 

was a gentle recovery ride which found me trying to find the flattest possible route because I didn't want to climb any hills after Day 1! 

203km on Day 1, no flats. About 5 minutes after the above photo was taken,
10.5km into Day 2, pffffttt-flat! Maaannn!! 

The rest of Day 2 was a bit wet and very gentle.

Day 3 

was a day to cover some kilometres as I was about to head off to work for four days, with almost no opportunity to ride. I managed to bang out 65km (40mi) which is two days worth of riding. Not bad as I was still feeling Day 1's effects.

Chillertek rang for a chat about 15 seconds after I took the above photo so I had a nice chat to him while pedalling along the waterfront!

To cap Day 3 off, I added a new steed to my stable! Woo Hoo!! 
Yup, going fat-ish with 3.0 rubber and staying with the Lefty. That makes two Leftys in my stable now, which reminds me that I must update my "My Rides" page as it has changed significantly in the last few months.

Day 4

Day 4 was a "rest" day mostly spent in Sydney with a little work tacked on from mid afternoon.

Day 5 

I actually managed to find a cheap flat bar hybrid bike that I was able to pedal south along the Gold Coast on a crackingly stunning Spring day. Not too hot but warm enough to see plenty of beach goers out enjoying themselves.

I managed 52km which is almost two days worth of riding. Not bad for time away from home.

Day 6

was a full day at work with no prospect of any pedalling. This was fine as I need to be a bit careful and give myself some rest days. I don't want to end up overtrained and sick or worse still, unmotivated!

Day 7

was an early start for a ride with the kids and a good mate and his keen young fella. I got a first ride on the new Cannondale and spent the ride quietly noting things that would need adjusting/changing. I must say, this is a normal process with any new bike I buy and overall I was pleased with how the 3 inch tyres felt and handled. I will give some more thoughts on the "Beast" once I get it more sorted. Another 30km in the bank today.

Week 2

Day 1 of Week 2 started out early again, this time with a gravel grinding loop around the south eastern area of Brisbane's bushlands, which are quite substantial. I was accompanied by a couple of mates who were keen to check out some of the trails they hadn't seen before.

We didn't get far (like 500m) before we had our first puncture of the day. Cyclocross tyres and rocks can be a hazardous combination as Josh found out. His only spare tube used already with another 64-ish kilometres to go......

The ride threw up a little of everything from the singletrack above, to open fire trail below...

To hike-a-bike route finding......

Unfortunatley, it seemed to be a day that orange bikes suffered from rapidly deflating tyres with our second flat (well, sort of flat. The Stan's sealed the hole but it just needed topping up with air) of the day at about the 36km mark. Thankfully, that was the last for the day with my 60psi Sammy Slicks going on to record zero punctures despite copping a caning at times.

That sees me sitting on 444.5km(276mi) on Day 8 of the challenge. I might go close to knocking out a kilometre-for-dollar ratio of 1 at this rate......that is unless the dollars begin to flow in again.......

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Best pace yourself or you'll break your record by the 15th.

  2. That could be the plan though.......

  3. Nice bit of riding old fella. That last photo comment must be from Gaz? Yes

    1. No, one of the older blokes at work. He was originally from country NSW.


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