Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bloody (Beautiful) Rain

Well the riding has been seriously slowed due to incessant rain. It has rained for 5 straight days now with showers still on the forecast!

Green where it was brown 1 week ago

This hasn't stopped me completely but where I was on track to hit my 1000km goal on perhaps Monday, here I am on Thursday still stuck on 880km. This is partly due to the fact that spare parts finally turned up for my broken Habit and it suddenly became a mad rush to get myself organised for a mtb trip to Tasmania. A trip that I honestly didn't think I would be going on due to a busted bike.

But here I am, sitting in Launceston, waiting for the other 4 guys to arrive on their Jet* flight. We will then head for the newly hallowed mtbing lands around Derby in Northeast Tassie. Here I hope to crank up the kilometres as best as I can. Dirt is much harder to rack the k's up on but at least I will be earning those donations!
Anyway, here's hoping my next post will be from Derby!(subject to standby travel....)


1 comment:

  1. Funny how quick the rains turn the grass green.

    Have fun on your trip. I am looking forward to seeing some pics in your follow-up post.


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