Sunday, June 7, 2015

Time To Fly

Well, not quite race day but I set up my training plan to end a week early as I have some planes, trains and automobiles to catch before I straddle the Muru in Banff.

I started my Training Peaks program back in early February and I find it hard to believe I have come to the sharp end already. Just 1 more sleep and I will be at the airport trying not to catch someone else's flu for 14 hours to L.A.

The reason I posted the TP message up is because actually, I do feel fit and strong. Probably the fittest I have been since my early twenties and at 80.5kg(177lb), the lightest I have been since my mid twenties. I could maybe lose another kg or two but that would be it. I am pretty happy with where I am physically and mentally.

 After knocking over a licence renewal at work I can concentrate on putting the final touches on my kit and packing it carefully into a bike box.

 Appropriately, that box is called a Bike Pack.

I was lucky enough to have a small send off lunch with good friends and family where my lovely and VERY understanding wife presented me with a cake she had made especially for the occasion. I especially liked the Arnott's Tiny Teddy bursting out of the trees. ;)

Just before I head off I would like to thank some people for helping me get to where I am. There are many of you so I won't name names in case I miss somebody out but let me just say the advice, support, encouragement and light hearted ribbing over the last six months have all been greatly appreciated. Much more than I can ever convey.
Thank you.

Links to follow my progress -

Trackleaders - This is THE place to watch Blue Dots (and of course Pink ones too). - The official, unofficial forum where everything Tour Divide Race gets discussed. This is a great place to get a feel for what is happening on out on the trail.

Tour Divide Homepage - Find the "official" home page of the tour where the rules reside as well as various other links.


  1. Congrats for making it to this point. I know you'll do well and I hope you have a lot of fun as well.

    I'll be checking that page to see how you are doing.

    Love the cake your wife made. She did a fabulous job.

  2. Thanks Brandy. Lots of fun and not too much misery I hope. ;)

  3. Good luck in the race big bro.
    Funny I checked out their website and it looks like it hasn't been update in 4 years....
    Hope that's not because everyone got eaten by bears

  4. Good luck and hope things are going well. My bro and I did it last year towing bob trailers , left a week after the start. Met a lot of racers all good guys. You will have highs and lows but the highs will keep you going when it gets tough.
    good luck again..

  5. Good luck and hope things are going well


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