Sunday, May 31, 2015

Honing And Last Minute Stressing

As I sit and type this I have 8 days until I fly out for the US, then Banff for the 2015 Tour Divide race. 12 days until the race itself starts.

My last post detailed how I had dropped my bike into River City Cycles for a pre race drive train change, brake pad replacement and general once-over. 

This gave me some separation from the bike to nail down my cue sheets. With a template courtesy of Simon Cross, I spent about 20 hours checking distances, adding services, points of interest like Continental Divide crossings and the like to arrive at my final cues. After doing this I feel like I know the route much better and feel more confident about my potential decision making capabilities while on the route.

Meanwhile, back at the once-over, Troy found that my SP dynamo hub had developed quite pronounced side to side movement. These hubs are not serviceable and have to be returned to the factory in Taiwan for service........not good. No, SERIOUSLY not good!

Kerry from K Lite was quick to react though. He didn't have any hubs in stock but organised to have one express shipped from the factory in Taiwan. I stewed for about 5 days as there was no news then I received the email I was waiting for on Wednesday. The hub had arrived! PHEW!!

Troy quickly rebuilt my front wheel with the new hub and I was able to get out for a 6 hour ride early on Saturday morning. This was to test my cold weather gear but 15C was the lowest I could find here in the sub tropics. Even the fog didn't make it feel cold.

The hub passed this test ride with flying colours, as did the new drive train and brakes. I had the bike loaded with all of my TD gear except for my Spot, my dishwashing gloves and my tent pole. The whole shebang weighs in at 20kg(44lb). This is without water or food which may potentially take gross weight up to 25kg(55lb) on the longer, drier stretches. I was hoping for a bit lighter than this but my fear of being cold sees me hauling a warm/substantial sleep setup and some warm clothing but nothing that would be deemed a "luxury". Nope, I am going on a 4 week trip to the other side of the world and I am not even packing one pair of undies! Dedicated? 

Yeah, lets call it dedicated...........



  1. You're a nutter! All the best the big event anyway - I guess it's one way of seeing the States...

    Me, I'd rather do it on a big Adv bike ;)

  2. That last picture is a keeper.

    I was thinking of you on Friday as we were doing 7 miles of single track through the woods on the mountain bikes. I couldn't remember if it was this weekend or next when you fly out. Thanks for answering that one.

    Relax and have fun.

  3. Nice lookin' rig there - hope you keep the photos going as you pedal across the Divide!


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