Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What Have We Been Up To...?

Well, if you must know, we have been making new trail happen right here on the South Side of Brisbane. It has taken much hard work and trust between the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), Brisbane South MTB Club (BSMC) and the riders of Brisbane but the results speak for themselves. 

Andrew has put together some footage of our Mega Trail Care Day from last Saturday and did a bang-up job of it too. You might see some familiar faces in there, with the kids hitting the completed trails and the BBQ.



  1. Pretty nice video. I like the time lapse of it. How do you guys figure out where the trail will be?

    And silly question - do you ever get the urge to ride one of those gas tampers down the trail for fun? Wouldn't be fast, but might be fun.

    1. We follow the IMBA trail building principals of not more than half the side slope up to 10% grade. Also a bit of "feel" and a good eye.
      As for the tamper, they don't move unless you push or pull them and the weigh about 120lbs.

  2. Looks pretty easy to build a mtn bike trail by the looks of it


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