Thursday, October 30, 2014

Framing Up A New Ride

A few months back I made mention of retiring my faithful old Giant XTC29er from racing duties. 

Well, that was done and she was relegated to general riding duties. Now it is almost time to retire her from that task as well. I have acquired a new frame from a local distributor at a significant discount, so good in fact that it trumped the usual on-line bike discount specialists and I couldn't not buy it! 

My intention was to simply transfer over all of the components from the Giant and ride on. But 9 speed drivetrains are so passe' you say? I still have quite a few spare parts for 9 speed in my stockpile so "old skool" it will be until I wear them out.

I discovered a wrinkle in my plan as I pondered the other components on the Giant. Namely the seat, seatpost, stem and handlebars. Three out of these four components were Giant branded items and it simply would not do to adorn the new steed with these items so it was back to the interwebs to source the required parts. 

I am pleased to say that black hole of bike shops revealed several components at competetive prices from local (read Aussie) stores. I have had to resort to the large online UK company for a few bits but was pleased to source so much stuff locally. Boggo Rd Bicycle Centre supplied the seat which I was able to pick up in person! A novel experience for someone who doesn't physically visit many stores of any kind if I can avoid it.

I am still awaiting a nice Chris King headset to arrive before I begin the build but that can't be too far away now. I am getting keen to turn the pedals and see how Titanium rides....I might start loitering by the mail box......



  1. So hard to be patient when you are waiting for something so anxiously.

    At least wear more than your bathrobe as you loiter for the mail....... :-)


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