Monday, October 6, 2014

Just Never Giving Up Is The Secret

The lack of posting here lately is a symptom of the disease I seem to currently be suffering from. Lackius et Timeitus is an insidious disease that sneaks up on you and fills in every waking moment you posess. Untreated, you will find yourself looking at a wrinkled, ancient reflection in any mirror, if you have the available blink in time to glance.

Apart from work getting busier than ever before, I blame that social media timesuk, BookFace. Yes, I did succum to joining it a few months back as a method to keep up with the kids sporting arrangements and mates riding schedules. Then I discovered the second hand bike forums and the bikepacking forums get the picture. This handy "tool" had become the master....of my spare time, but I vow to wrestle myself off of it and post some of the real things that I have been doing, for there has been a not so insignificant amount of stuff going on.

Anyhoo, getting to the point in a round about way, please humour me one more video post. This time it is a funny look at mid life motorbicycling and the fact that you should never let it go because you are a long time dead.

A lot of this is shot in Queensland and I have ridden these spots either on pedal power or horsepower.

Please enjoy! 



  1. Nice video, raised a few laughs and a couple of Fuck yeah's, why don't we ride more.
    I guess life gets complicated when you have kids, and there's no time.

  2. And that is why we call it WasteBook. We've been on Facebook for a few years. It is a nice way to keep in touch with other moto-bloggers too as a lot of us seem to be on there.

    I don't post on it very often but use it for keeping up on the news and other events.


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