Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Getting Dust On New Tyres

Well I finally got the new bike out for a roll this morning. It has been hanging on the wall for over 2 weeks now, waiting for it's new wheelset to arrive.

These arrived Monday and I set straight to making them operational for tubeless running. This involves running Stan's yellow rim tape around the rim, fitting a tubeless valve then adding some Stan's Sealant then crossing one's fingers that you can get the bead to seat. 

Happily, it went silky smooth for me!

The maiden voyage was to be the Regular Wednesday Morning Ride in Daisy Hill Forest. Today was meant to the the coldest morning of the year so far at 9C (48F). Brrr. Well it is Winter!

It actually didn't feel that cold. Perhaps it was the inner warmth from riding a new bike that kept me from feeling the chill today?

I managed to catch Dean0 mid-chew and Chris contemplating riding his fat tyres back up that steep hill.

After a few laughs and some fun trails the guys peeled of to go back to the real world (work) and I, being at a loose end, headed back for breakfast, but not before taking in some more sweet single track goodness.

Burning? Yep, burning up the trails!

The verdict? The Merida feels very stiff and light climbing but the handling took some getting used to as the front end is so low. A result of it's race geometry. A new brand of tyre had me taking it quite gingerly as well but by the time I hit the down on Wallum Froglet, I was used to the slightly sketchier feel of the Racing Ralphs.


Hell Yeah!!


  1. Replies
    1. No, they are not too pricey. Carbon rims are expensive.

  2. Nice!! I bet you were very happy to get out and get going on the bike.

    Looks good. And your lows are warmer than ours, and in winter, sheesh.

    1. Yeah, it was nice to finally test it out. I am sure it is more bike than I can use (I can always get fitter!) but it is nice to have.
      What can I say about Winter in Brisbane? Best time of the year!


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