Sunday, September 22, 2013

Got My Mojo Back !

I haven't been feeling much love for trail building for the last few months. In fact, you could say I was over it big time.

Today, we had a regular planned repair day on the lower section of Wallum Froglet trail to fix some of the minor "blues" that we made before we had a solid understanding of trail building principles. That is not to say that anything was too sketchy or poorly built. Over time several sections would have deteriorated into ugly rutted puss.

So, we took responsibility for the mistakes that we made, manned up and got it done.

I must say it was actually nice to be on the business end of a mattock, shovel and rakehoe at various times this morning. The business end of a wheelbarrow....not so much!

Creating something out of nothing with a bunch of like minded mountain bikers is soothing for the soul. I really appreciated the fact that the guys who turned out this morning shared my vision for the trail and they did a fantastic job adding features to the trail that will be there long after I have parked my last mountain bike.

Massive thanks go to Geoff, Andrew, Kev and Aaron for your efforts today. May "Trail Karma" pay you back tenfold.

And me? I can hardly wait for the next trail care day now......



  1. This just reminds me I need to go out and get some exercise. Thanks, lol.


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