Monday, September 16, 2013

Touring Townsville II

The second day of my work trip dawned bright and clear. Got to love the dry season in the tropics.

I planned to walk along the waterfront, then loop around the western side of Castle Hill to find the Ironbark Trail that my knees have refused to take me down the previous day.

As I said in my previous post, Townsville has some interesting architecture. It was obviously an important town in Australia's early years as evidenced by the old stone buildings along the river and near what would have originally been the port.

The old post office is now a micro brewery that makes some delicious beers. If in town, I recommend you try the Ned's Red on for size.

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There are plenty of old buildings along the river. I imagine this would have been the main port back in the day.

How much do you like spiders? This on is about 15ft long!

Yes, we are on the Great Barrier Reef here.

Townsville was a major US and Australian base during WWII. There is a large section of park along The Strand with various dedications to those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

And Castle Hill watches over EVERYTHING!

For you fish and chips?

There were many artists setting up art works all along the beach and park lands. While I don't know anything about art, I know what I like and I liked quite a few of the pieces.

This old Ag cat is on floats and was in the Phantom movie back in 1996. You can go for joy rides over town these days.

The view across to Magnetic Island. Nice?!

And the reason for the vinegar? Yep, stingers. These little buggers will kill you.(remember Finding Nemo?)

Much safer to swim in the kiddies pool.

The floor boards must be bolted down in this house. Facing out to sea, I could imagine this place getting some "lift" with a category 5 Cyclone(Hurricane/Typhoon) bearing down upon it!

And finally, I was back around Castle Hill for the trail that I missed yesterday, The Ironbark.

I am glad I made the effort as it turned out to be a nice trail. THen it was time to drop down the face again and suit up for work again.

Stats for the morning are below. I am not sure about this hiking/running thing. It appears to be pretty hard on the knees.

But it gets you to some magic places when you don't have a bike!

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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