Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Soggy Start To Another Dig Day

Despite the early showers around 6am it was another great turn out this morning by southside mountain bikers. Remember, just because it is raining where you are, it doesn't mean it is raining at trail care. Unless of course you ARE at trail care!  Just remember, we will post up if the build day is cancelled by 5:30am on that Saturday.

Well, the rain only lasted long enough for eveyone to sign the register while we waited under our rad SRAM shelter.
Did I mention that we had a good turn out? Well, it was almost too good a turn out, as it turns out!
Due to the ongoing flood cleanup the council were unable to deliver the rock and gravel needed for this weeks build. This meant that the planned berms and tech features would have to wait until next weekend and some free trucks.
So we got on with some serious benching instead.
I appologise if anyone felt a bit underutilised on the day but I am looking at it as a positive in that a small group of us didn't have to smash ourselves as often happens and that we built some really solid, low maintenance bench.
Thanks go to Andrew for overseeing the effort here.....(above)
We grow our worms big here in Cornubia! Maybe we should have been fishing instead?
 The rock and gravel are being delivered as I type, so hopefully we will have plenty of eager volunteers to wheel these materials down the hill, into position. You will then witness the trail coming together as we put the finishing touch on the previously benched sections.
I for one am looking forward to it!
Cheers and thanks for reading.


  1. Glad you had a large turnout for helping with the trail building. is it me or do you seem to have more help this time around compared to the last trail build?

    I think you guys are getting more rain in the summer than we are getting now in winter. We had an unusually dry January (3rd driest on record) and February is shaping up the same way.

  2. Yes, we are getting more help this year, especially from the local government. Since we won an environmental award last year(which they were presented with) the feeling of any opposition to what we are doing has disappeared. We seem to have a lot of support.
    We are also more experienced at designing and constructing this year and I haven't been flogged senseless at work this year. No getting home at midnight after 4 days away and having to be up at 5am to get everything ready for trail building.(yet).
    We are in a sub tropical region and the locals who have lived here all their lives say this is more normal than the last 10 years has been. I dunno, but it is keeping my lawn nice and green for the wallabies to munch on!


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