Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jesus! I Need To Get A Life....!

No guessing what is going on around here. Having tied myself to Logan Community Trail Care Alliance, every Saturday morning is dedicated to getting up at 5am, loading the trailer, packing the BBQ supplies and trying to be at the meeting point by 6am. Isn't it funny how the people that live closest to the meeting point are always the last there!

The day dawned absolutely clear and sunny for the first time in weeks. Luckily it was still cool as well.

The council was unable to drop the rock and gravel at the trail head like last week. No, we would have to push those massive rocks about 100 metres(yards) across wet, soft grass before we even got to the trail head. Tough prospect there.

A great opportunity for an upper body workout and to raise a sweat though.

The final berm on the top section as well as the two log rollovers were finished this morning. The first gully crossing has been completed with a large gum(eucalypt) tree's roots being rock armoured to protect the old fellow from any MTB induced harm.

Those rocks ARE really that big! At least 60kg(120lbs) each....all moved by hand....

Floody Photo

The BBQ and cold drinks went down a treat today after all that hard work.

This is what it looks like creating just one feature along 20 metres(yards) of trail. Only about 300m(yards) to go......

While I am in the video editing mood, here is a snippet from my ride on monday. Stupid fun!

We are due to get another 300mm(12 inches) of rain this week, starting from tonight so the chances of riding either mountain bike, road bike or R1 are very slim this week. Especially coupled with the fact that I am on call with work and WILL get called to fix any glitch in the system during the week. Bugger...

Time to read lots of others blog posts I guess.....

Floody Photo



  1. Damn, I think I am breaking out into a sweat just watching you guys do the trail work. How long was the video prior to condensing it with the high speed? Sure make sit look like you are working fast.

    Playing in the puddle looks like more fun.

    I almost spit my coffee when you mentioned 12 inches of rain due this week. I thought our yearly 40 inches of rain was bad. Oregon seems positively arid now - even though it is raining at this moment.

  2. It took about an hour or so to build that section. If only we could go that fast!
    Yes, getting sick of the rain again. Looking at the page today and we have had almost five inches in the last 24 hours. We would have easily had that much in the days prior as well.


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