Sunday, February 17, 2013

More Diggings And New Clogs

Well, Saturday morning dawned cool, with blue skies over Cornubia. Perrrfect conditions for trail building.

The council had come to the party during the week with about 3 cubic metres of clay laced blue metal and the same of rock, so it was to be a morning of fitting berms to the already constructed benching.

The guys jumped straight into it and we managed to move most of the material by about 8:30am! Mountain bikers are fit buggers and make short work of this type of job. I think we would give paid labourers a run for their money! Enthusiasm sure makes a difference.

I had set the Go Pro up on a tree with the Gorilla Pod and took about half a bajillion photos of the guys building the first berm. While trying to stitch these together into a stop motion video my computer somehow managed to dump most of the shots so that all I was left with was 40 or so photos of Tom putting the finishing touch on the berm. It was a shame because I had the guys from the first rock until it was absolutely complete, all in focus, clear and at a cool angle. Bugger!

We managed to beat the rain with showers beginning to pass over during the last twenty minutes. With no new benching to erode, the rain would simply pack down the new berms. The "flow" of this trail build is making it an absolute pleasure to turn up at 6am each Saturday. I think the others are feeling it as well because there is an under-current of quiet excitement about where this trail is going, both physically and metaphorically.

 We retreated to the shelter, downed a few sausage sandwiches and admired with quiet satisfaction the bare spot where a few hours previously 4 tonne of rock had sat.

We are trying to come up with a new name for this section of the trail. As such, we are open to suggestions. Keep in mind that the trail it links onto is called "Resurrection". Some of the other names here are "Stupidly Happy", "Wallum Froglet" and "Jigsaw". Feel free to offer any thoughts as they will all go into a vote as we near completion, with the most popular name being assigned after approval by "the powers that be".

The trail already feels at one with it's environment..... 

New Clogs

After about three years of faithful service my Shimano M182 MTB shoes were not only on the nose, but rapidly falling apart. I have been searching the globe, quite literally, for some replacement shoes that fit well and look the goods. A task that wasn't as easy as it first appeared with bike shops in Salt lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sydney, Brisbane, the interwebs and finally, Melbourne being turned upside down.

Yes, after almost giving up on finding some new shoes that fit well, I stumbled into Cecil Walker Cycles in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne and happened to notice some shoes on the back wall. I was about to walk out when the shop assistant asked if she could help me with something. I ususally say no thanks to these offers as I find being on the receiving end of the "hard sell" a bit uncomfortable. But on Thursday I had time to kill so asked about some shoes that I hadn't seen anywhere else "in the flesh". These seemingly rare, outside the interwebs, shoes were from North Wave. I had heard that they were a good fit for wider feet and figured that I should give them a try.

Well, didn't I feel like Cinderella after slipping one of their Extreme Tech MTB shoes on my hoof! It felt, it felt great! The buckles fit my foot without stretching to breaking point and they were sufficiently understated it matt black with just a little red and yellow. They even look good clipped into my pedals.

However, with a lot of rain today and rain forecast all day tomorrow, my chances of getting out onto the dirt this week to try them out are pretty slim. With a major ride planned in just a few weeks I may even have to do some road miles to break them in. 

I will give a full and honest evaluation once I have had the chance to put them through their paces but for now I might just sit here with a beer and look at them a little longer.

Cheers and thanks for checking in.


  1. that trail is looking fabulous Dave. Great work by all concerned!

    1. Best yet Andrew. You need to come and check it out...when this rain goes away!


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