Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Shippies Arms

Tucked away in the back streets of Battery Point, Hobart is a great little pub with a lot of history.

The Shipwright's Arms has been serving cool refreshments to the local population since about 1846, which is a long time by Australian standards.

Since the inception of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, the Shippies has cemented it's place as the drinking hole of choice for thirsty sailors. It's interior walls are plastered with photographs, trinkets and "thank yous" from the crew of many ships. These range from sailing types through to warships from many navies around the world.

I was sailing the skies these last few days and while walking around Battery Point to "smell the roses" decided to pop in for a cool refreshment as it was in the low 20s Celsius, which is getting warm for Hobart.

Not wanting to look like some plagiarist stalker, I didn't take any photos of the cool stuff on the walls. You will have to slip in for a bevy and have a look for yourself.

The area around the hotel is one of the earliest colonial establishments in Terra Australis. Basically, after the British discovered Terra Australis and came up with the bright idea to dump her undesirables here, Sydney and Hobart were the first colonies to be populated. The main reason Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania) was populated was because it was so remote and desolate. It was literally at the arse end of the Earth. Next stop, Antarctica! The worst of the worst convicts were sent to nearby Port Arthur.

Thanks to some historical preservation we now have a picturesque area that is like a window into the past. The old houses, shops and pubs of the area draw tourists from all over just to enjoy the long summer evenings over a pint or two.

I laughed that they had to point out that he was "a famous Hollywood actor". Surely, even the clueless, self absorbed youth of today would know who Errol Flynn was....? 

If you have the opportunity to visit Hobart I highly recommend a stroll around Battery Point and the adjoining Salamanca Place. These suburbs are definitely best enjoyed on foot as they cover a relatively small area.

And after all, what better way to work up a thirst?

If you can get your arse down there, just do it!


* I have no association with the Shippies. It is just a great place for a drink or meal.


  1. Nice piccies mate, and if I remember rightly the shippie was very motorcyle friendly as well. It is a great little pub.

  2. Looks like a great place for a stroll and such a historical area too.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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