Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crashing Back To Earth

Hmmmm. After re-reading the end of my last post I thought some explanation of my grumpiness might be in order, if not quite an appology.


You see, dear follower, like the Rotorua shuttle ticket above, my holidays are now used up. Finito. Spent. No more.

Yes, it was back to the salt mines in the sky for me last week and I think it may have affected my cheerfulness somewhat.

After eating like a normal person, sleeping like a normal person and not living with one eye constantly on the minute hand of my watch for the last two months I am having trouble readjusting to the demands placed on the body through sitting all day in a pressurised metal tube, wondering if I can leave my seat for 30 seconds to take a whizz.

Add to this some truely ordinary food (nothing but the best food on aircraft and in airport terminals!) and my body is wondering what it ever did to me to deserve this! Don't get me wrong, I love my job, it is just that in almost twenty years of flying, this was the longest break I have ever had and I guess I wasn't really aware of what this lifestyle was doing to my body. Throw in a 215km mountain biking weekend on top of that and you get one sore and sorry excuse for a blogger!

I had a great weekend, learnt some valuable lessons and am looking forward to when I am used to feeling like crap all the time, just so I can't tell the difference.....

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Cheers and thanks for some of your time...


  1. As a pilot you might not want to use the word Crashing in your blog post, lol. Although it does draw one in.

    Bummer the vacation is over but I can see how you wouldn't feel well after living on airport/airline food.

    Can you pack Clif Bars or fruits and nuts with you to help out on your travels? Not sure what they do and don't allow pilots to take on the planes.

  2. Fruit and nuts are ok for a day our so but I can't carry enough for the four days I am usually away. Add to that different states have different quarrentine laws and you find you can't take fruit and nuts (or fish) into Tasmania, Western Australia or South Australia from another state. You just can't win.
    Glad you liked the title too. ;)


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