Saturday, September 1, 2012

OMG !!!

I just realised that this starts the day we arrive in Vegas!!!!! How do I snare a spot?

Will I be like a kid in a toy shop?  F@CK YEAH!!!


  1. My guess is that you can buy tickets at the door. Take a bib with you, you will be drooling, lol.

    We went to Vegas almost three years ago for hubby's 40th. The most fun we had was going to see the Love show. Cirque du Soleil set to all original Beatles music. Worth the trip just to see that.

    Will be interesting to hear your take on the city if you've never been there.

  2. Yes, first time for us. Workmates say it is a great boys trip destination, perhaps no the best for family but I am going with an open mind...and wallet!


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