Friday, September 14, 2012

Acid Rain

You may remember last month that I had to purchase myself a new battery for the R1 so that this ride could go ahead.

After the ride I washed my bike and put it in the shed, only getting it out again last week for a "tootle" to the shops to pick up some dry cleaning.

As I was putting it back in the shed I noticed some water on the swingarm, in front of the rear wheel. Now, as we have not had any rain in almost 2 months I was suspicious. On closer inspection I could see that the liquid was dripping from the battery box!!

Oh f@#k Yes! It was battery acid. I quickly whipped the seat off, had the battery out and began washing down the swingarm. But it was too late. The damage was done.

Fast forward to this week. I took the battery back to the store that I bought it from with the idea of chasing the battery distributors up for a replacement and restoration of my bike. I wasn't angry but I had my argument firmly laid out in my mind for when the "its not our responsibility" excuses were trotted out. Well I was pleasantly surprised. I presented the battery, explained what happened and the bike shop staff quickly nipped off to the workshop to show the "boys" the battery. He came back, rang the distributor and organised to have my bike picked up to assess it and test the voltage regulator. All without a further question asked on my part. I was impressed! I was also worried. Worried that a faulty regulator on my 10 year old bike had fried the battery, causing it to split.

I had a call from the bike shop yesterday and it turns out that my regulator was tested by the battery distributor in the bike shop's workshop and it was charging normally. Whew!

Now the battery distributor is organising for my swingarm to be repaired as well as a new battery. Or so I have been told. I must admit, with me leaving for the US on Monday I am a bit concerned with how this will pan out. I just hope it stays on track nicely, as it has so far. Watch this space....

Speaking of "watch this space", some of you may have seen this guy before but you can never see too much. I especially like his dismount at then end.


  1. Bugger about the bike!

    Love the Chris Pfeiffer video though!

  2. Damn on the doggy battery, lets hope they fix it up.

    Thats some pretty sweet bike control.

  3. I've never heard of a battery doing that. It is god to know that companies still pride themselves on their customer service. Hope they have it all fixed up and race ready by the time you return.

    And how many times do you think Chris dropped his bike or broke an arm before learning to do things that well, wow.


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