Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moab Impressions

We arrived into Moab at about 10pm due to a mechanical issue delaying our departure from the Grand Canyon until midday, so I was actually excited to see what Moab would look like in the light of day.

Waking at 6:30 I wandered down to the RV park laundry to earn some brownie points by putting on a couple of loads of washing. It was still dark as sunrise wasn't until 7:20am so the mystique continued.

Once the sun did rise I was greeted by the sight of a huge red massiff overlooking the town. On both sides. I felt like I was on another planet and in fact if you were making a movie about Mars you would come to Moab to film it.

Day one saw us picking up our(the kids as well) bikes from Poison Spider Cycles. The guy helping us out wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and all of my pre arranged details had to be thrashed out again. These mainly included having the brakes switched from side to side as the Yanks run their rear brake on the right, not the left. Having the front brake on the left was a recipe for eating through a straw for a long time so I was keen to get this item sorted. I am pleased to say that dealing with other staff members at Poison Spider was very pleasant. I just picked the wrong guy when I walked in!

That afternoon we headed out to the Moab Brands Trails just 7 miles north of town. These trails consisted of beginner as well as technical, advanced trail.

The kids were amped for the ride. It was quite warm once we got out into the sun but they were loving the new single track. It was interesting to watch the ebb and flow of their confidence as they alternately railed trail, then having a minor off due to over confidence, wobbled like rank beginners.

We took a wrong turn at one point and ended up on an advanced trail where much pushing ensued. I personally would have been pushing on about 25% of the features even if it wasn't for the kids walking in front of me. It was quite humbling and had me wondering would I be able to handle The Whole Enchilada trails in the morning?

Finding our way back onto the EZ loop we were humming again until Lucy had a nasty off on a nothing right hander. I was sure she had broken an arm again from the height of the fall as it was into a slight creek line onto rock. However, after a Dr Dave diagnosis, it turned out to be just some scratches and badly dented self confidence so we decided that was enough riding for today and headed for the car.

The kids still covered 12km(7.5mi) of totally unfamiliar trail with about 3km being very technical and requiring pushing up over huge rocks in pretty opressive heat. Well done to both of them!

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  1. Kudos to the kids for carrying on even with their get offs. It looks like you guys are having a really great time.

    Did you get those brownie points you were seeking with the laundry?


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