Saturday, March 3, 2012


Another week away at work, another idea for a MTB ride! I have seen some awesome trail building videos about the work on this mountain...

...and I will be back there again next week with all afternoon to kill....

While away, a package arrived from the States.
My body double modelled the new acquisition for me.

His choice of motor-bicycling shorts leave something to be desired in the way of abrasion protection. Batman pyjama shorts aren't quite Draggin Jeans!

Anyway, finally home from work at 11pm last night after two weeks on the road/ in the skies and the alarm was set for 6:30am today.

Trail building was scheduled for 6am and I was keen to get along after last weeks wash out, but I really needed some around 7am it would have to be. I shook the short person out of bed at 6:45am, as he was slated to be the official photographer again.

Upon arrival at the coal face I was met by many soaking wet volunteers. Wet, not from the light rain, but the high humidity and the massive exertion that was being put into moving wheel barrow loads of rock 400m (1/4 mile) up the trail for the gully crossing.

We have a great crew of regulars who are turning up, week in, week out to help build this snaking ribbon of single track goodness to the top of one of the highest points in Logan. This is also being supplemented by a group of semi-regulars who are helping as their time allows. It gives me hope that there are still some "givers" out there in a world of selfish "takers". I wish bucket loads of good Karma on these givers.

The bush is looking amazing at the moment. With all of the rain we have had lately, the green highlight certainly doesn't need exaggerating with any fancy effects. All of these photos are straight off the camera, taken by my seven year old chief photographer.

I have to laugh at times as I review the photos he has taken. They are obviously from the perspective of a seven year old boy. This week it looks like he discovered the zoom function....

He even found time to help out....

With the gully crossing finally crossed, it was time for some self congratulation and goofing off. Young Andrew is always copping flak for appearing in a few photographs pushing an empty wheelbarrow around. This time he decided to fill it.......

...just a shame it wasn't with something useful!

So, the crossing has been crossed. Crossing the crossing is a crossing point in this trail build! We now have less than 300m of trail to go before we can stow the trail building tools in the shed for a while. Hopefully, this last bit of trail should take no more than four more Saturday mornings of our time, then we can all get back to doing what we love best.

I plan on riding up there tomorrow morning. I will just sit and appreciate the sheer beauty of the engineering for a while....then scream back down with my (remaining) hair on fire!

This trail is going to be a polariser of MTBer sentiment. Riders will either love it or hate it.

There will be no in between.

I can't wait.

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  1. Wow, the amount of hard work that has gone into that trial so far is amazing. Good job. And your son took some pretty good pics too.

    Nice jacket. I see nothing wrong with Batman shorts so long as he isn't dragging a knee, lol.


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