Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Avoiding the Rain

We, as a family, were lucky enough to jet off to Wellington, New Zealand for the weekend. We managed to escape four more days of rain here in Brisbane and enjoyed some of the best weather that Wellington had to offer.

The mountain bike was left at home as this was to be purely a walking, eating and coffee sampling trip.

 But....I couldn't help noticing how many bikes were getting around during the few days we were there.
Those hill must surely offer some great riding.

I will be back.......


  1. Wellington can be fantastic on a good day, I loved what they have done with the water front. Great stroll along there. Feel free to pop over any time and contribute to our economy...remember we don't have all the minerals that you do!

    1. Yeah, it was great to stroll around and just chill out. It was busy along the waterfront on saturday with the boat racing and markets.
      From an Aussie perspective, everything is 30% off, so happy to prop you guys up! I will be back, armed with a bike and a huge post ride appetite...


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