Friday, November 5, 2010

Life is for Living III

Some more time away with work was book ended with another two days of riding. Monday saw me with some free time and the weather on my side, so a road ride down to Cabbage Tree Point and back before picking up the kids from school fit the bill.

Steve and I are on an unofficial tour of Brisbane mountain bike trails. Tuesday saw us at the Gap Creek car park for an assault on Mt Nebo. Steve's first time up Nebo and I "apparently" mentioned that it was a 25km "nip" up to the cafe. Funny. I am sure I mentioned that was 25km each way with 1800 metres of climbing!

My weapon of choice for the day was my XTC 29er, while Steve had his trusty Stumpjumper. I will get him on some big wheels with my constant sniping :) The 29er is the perfect machine for a fireroad climb on a pristine November morning. The temperature should be in the low 30s(celcius) by now with moderately high humidity, but the days are in the low 20s and dry. It is a gift from heaven for mountainbiking here in south east Queensland and we are trying to make the most of it.

We quickly warmed up as we attacked the lower slopes of South Boundry Road and really appreciated the slight chill in the air. I had only managed one Mt Nebo ride so far this year, way back in May, when training for the Epic was beginning in earnest. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, we didn't manage to get back for more hill training. Hills closer to home had to suffice.

"The Shelter" is a welcome sight as it indicates that you are succeeding in the battle of mind over legs. Placed about 2/3 of the way up it would be inviting if you were stuck up here in a thunderstorm, but we push on as our stomachs are starting to feel a little empty and the cafe beckons.

Boombana cafe is closed! WTF?!! Who cares if it is Melbourne Cup Day. We busted our humps to climb up here for a coffee! Once the shock wears off I wander into the Post Office next door and ask if there is another cafe? Yes, is the reply. Another five hundred metres over the hill and we were resting the bikes on the fence above and shortly after biting into a toasted ham,cheese and tomato sandwich. Ahh............the simple things in life are simply the best.
Saddling up for the run down the hill and I am suddenly aware of how sore my butt is! I have not been riding anywhere near enough these last two months. I will be making up for that though. Living life is my new motto. Our time here is fleeting and I want to make my dash count................

Back down Sth Boundry and we met a ranger armed with a chainsaw, attacking some of the many gum trees that were blown down across the road. We stopped for a chinwag and he quickly established he was a MTBer too. He lamented with us the lack of foresight that the Brisbane City Council have shown with regard to MTBing in Brisbane Forest Park. It could have a mass of world class singletrack snaking it's way up to Mt Nebo........................

One last pinch up Highwood rd to the start of "Dingo" and our legs were pretty toasted. Steve looks far too happy that the ride is almost over!

Another awesome day on the bike, in good company and absolutely knackered. It must be time to head to work to let the legs recover before then next installment of our "Tour de Brisbane", Bunya.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have finally put some of the bush in my back yard to good use with the beginnings of a junior MTB trail.

A certain little red headed girl approves but is asking where the north shore equipment is.............


  1. Flyboy.................good to hear and read some land flying.....;-)
    Sigh........... I know this certain young flamed haired one...........and since she attacked on a ride we were on, I think north shore is natural gravitation......;-) X

  2. Looking forward to when I'll be out there again .... SOON !!!


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