Thursday, July 29, 2010

Single Track Map

Just before I duck off to work again I have a request for a map of the singletrack in Cornubia Forest. What a great excuse to get out on my local trails for a mapping run of the legal singletrack on the Cornubia Escarpment.

Please feel free to download and use this file from Garmin Connect for an expedition of your own if you are not familiar with the area.

A quiet monday morning. Me... The Trek.... 10.5km of sweet, almost secret, singletrack...... Does it get any better than this? If you like some climbing with your riding, come to Cornubia for a healthy serve. 400m climbing in 10.5km? Bring it on.

Off to work later in the day and this pattern takes me through Perth again. For something different we operate a charter on behalf of Skywest Airlines, who are still awaiting the delivery of their Airbus A320. In the meantime, we are covering their contract with Fortesque Metals into "Cloudbreak" mine site, about 130km north of Newman. I last flew into this part of the Pilbara region of Western Australia in the early to mid 90's as a young, keen commercial pilot trying to get my hours up. Six seat Cessna 206,207 and if you were lucky, the mighty Cessna 210s were the tools of trade. Loaded to the gunnels with fuel and punters, we thrashed around in the the fifty degree celsius heat with marginal performance and almost no ventilation. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be back, let alone in the absolute decadent luxury of a Boeing 737! Mid winter here in Australia and it was still 31 degrees celsius at Cloudbreak.

Cloudbreak terminal.

The Pilbara

For the way home to Brisbane we had the very pleasant feel of a gentle 303km/h tailwind, giving us a 1153km/h ground speed. Woo Hoo!

A little time at home now and a Sunshine Series race to get the blood pumping.
See you soon from Adare!


  1. dAVE, Good map but looks like you miss a bit that goes to the Venman's fenceline. Did you see the improvements to the creek crossing. Those guys did an awesome job.

  2. Jim, I just covered the legal bits. I think that track to the Venman fenceline crosses somebody's property at one point. I will happily do it again though if I am wrong.
    Yes, the creek crossing is gold! I hope we can look forward to more of that sort of stuff in Cornubia.

  3. Really, I might jump on RP data and check that. The trails in there are primo right now. I've started just going round and round just for fun. I've got some awesome ideas for the new track. That bit we did is like a slalom with all the little twisty bits around the trees. You can ride it tecky or try smash it fast, really pleased with the result but it needs to lead to some fast flowing like what midway stupidly happy is famous for. I have a cunning plan but I need to know the boundaries. I'll be in touch about that Tubeless thing this week. Cheers

  4. Jim N had a council map with our gps tracks on it and all the property boundarys as well. Owen has a copy I think, but Jim N is very approachable if you want to bounce some ideas off him. Probably best if he is kept well in the loop as far as new trails go. He obviously has some money to spend on them.
    Just let me know when you want to set up the tubeless. I will be home next weekend.


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