Monday, August 9, 2010

Catching Up

The Sunshine Series race at Adare seems like an eon ago, but I did promise a word from the west.
My preparation was less than ideal consisting of a week away with work, then straight back on a plane to drink moderate amounts of red wine in celebration of a family member's reaching of an age milestone, then back on a plane, a bit of sleep, then out to the race! If I hadn't pre-entered I would not have had the motivation to go.
So picture me turning up rubbing sleep out of the eyes, coughing up a lung in the cold,dry air, knocking another competitor's bike over as I retrieve my bike and that about sums up my race. It felt like I had two left hands!
The track itself was 7.2 km of pure fun. Some small climbs, some rocky bits, some technical drop-offs and some fun flowing single track that put a huge smile on your face.
I actually had my best finish for the series with a 7th place in "would be if they could be mens" and that sees me finish in 14th place overall. Not bad as I have never done any short course racing and I raced in another category at round 1, also missing out on round 4 due to a combination of work and poor promotion on the organisers part.
The few photos I have....
Where I might have still had no chance.

The drop off get no justice in my photo. Jaman has got a much better angle from where he was sitting there.

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