Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Welcome To 2019!!

Yes, welcome indeed! 
The juggernaut that is time continues to steamroll everything in it's path. 2018 only just seemed to be getting into the swing of things when it was blindsided by 2019......well, that it the way it seemed to me!

2018 had it's highlights. For me two main things stand out though.

Number One was me competing in AND completing the Arizona Trail Race 750. I wasn't sure if my heart was in this one despite my head saying "go for it"! At the end of the day I managed 11 Days, 9 Hours and some change which was pretty much right on what I was expecting/hoping for. Now, my heart is saying do it again but the head says "no way"!

AZTR Grand Canyon traverse

Number Two was the acquisition of a new motorcycle to the stable. I had been searching for ~6 months before I stumbled upon the bike that my head was saying "stay away from" but it was too cheap not to buy and now my heart is saying "keep this thing, it is a hell of a lot of fun"!


I have been away over the New Year period, camping and mountain biking with my kids and a bunch of mates and their families.

I managed to ride an EPIC 95km/2500vm loop of the Victorian high country with a neighbour that left me shattered for a few days but I'm so glad that I did it. Chris and I shouldn't be left to ride together as neither of us knows when to say enough!

Some hut hunting rides with the kids also occurred.

It was good to get home though and my first order of business once the dust had settled from unpacking and cleaning gear was to get two rides in before I went back to work. The first was a mountain bike ride and the second was to get the trusty BMW out and take Will for his first solid pillion ride.

We did about 200km around the south east corner of the state today and I was pleasantly surprised as we found some roads that I had forgotten about and some that I didn't even know existed. To say the views were superb would be an understatement!

I hooked in for some slightly spirited (yet careful) riding on the roads I did know well and Will had a grin from ear to ear.

I think he finally understands what it is we do when we get out for a motorbikecycle ride.........and why we do it.

Roll on 2019!!



  1. Replies
    1. Yeah......nah! It’s about the controlling the machine and getting into some “flow” through the twisty drinking some beers after, but he will have to wait a few years for that!

  2. Congrats again on the crazy pushie ride. And of course adding an Adv bike to the fleet - shame it's a Beemer...

    Also neat that you can now take ya lad out with you. I still remember rides with the old man - first sitting on the tank, then behind and eventually on a bike myself. Good times!

    1. I can’t stick to one make either. Which brand are you on again? ;) It’s 2 Suzis, one Yami and one Beemer for me currently......
      I got some funny time lapse from his helmet cam that I might try to edit up and post later. He can then see where he started rather than rely on dodgy, beer addled memories,

  3. Hahaha - so next, Will be wanting a bike of his own. Hope it doesn't cause too many family ructions. It did in our household when our eldest wanted a road bike!

    All the best for 2019 Dave!

  4. Nice new ride to add to the stable. The BMW 800s are quite popular around here. Looks like you might have created another motorized two-wheel fan with Will. Looks like he is getting taller than you too by those pics.

    1. Yes, the F800 is easy and comfortable to ride plus I now realise that you don’t need 1000 horsepower to have fun.
      The kids have had a few dirt bike lessons now and they are both keen to ride, if I can find a light, cheap little dirt bike for them.
      Also, YES, Will is only 14 and about 1 inch shorter than me! My days as tallest in the family are definitely numbered!


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