Thursday, January 31, 2019

Best Of 2018 Photo Challenge

Sonja issued a photo challenge a few days ago.

Ten photo categories were specified.

In The City
In The Countryside
By The Water
Something Red
Something Unusual
Something Funny
Best Photo Of 2018

 Geoff,  Andrew, Richard and Steve have taken up the challenge so I thought "why not give it a go"? I mean, how hard can it be to choose 10 photos for the year? Well, as it turns out - quite bloody difficult!

Anyway, here we go and yes, there is a definite bias to my photos as there were a couple of major highlights last year. Its my bullshit blog though, so here, cop this........

1. In The City

Cleaning bikes and guzzling beer in the parking lot with Wicks, post AZTR in Phoenix, AZ.

2. In the Countryside

The new Beemer on Condamine Gorge road.

3. By The Water

The new Beemer on a winter's evening by Moreton Bay

4. Something Red

5. People

My nephew at Xmas. He wasn't the only one chasing bubbles!

6. Animals

Doing my Jack Sparrow impersonation...

7. Plants

Desert flowers just outside Payson, AZ during the AZTR.

8. Something Unusual

A ZX6 that I see regularly in the work carpark

9. Something Funny

Will thought it would be funny to hold Uncle Steve's bourbon.....

10. Best Photo Of The Year

Just outside Glenn Innes, NSW - freezing cold at 2C and stunning light.

Maybe my best photos of the year, maybe not but they do all mean something to me.



  1. Hiya Dave,
    Now those are what you call special photos👍. All excellent and hard to choose between them. If presseed, the Condamine Gorge would be my favourite, followed by the one of your nephew with the bubbles. Thanks for taking up Sonja's challenge mate. Always marvellous to see other parts of the world.

    1. Thanks for leading me on Geoff! It was more difficult than I thought it would be.

  2. That's a great selection of photo's there. I like the one with the chasing the bubbles. It was much harder to select 10 photo's than I thought it would be.

    1. Yes it was. I just realised I used that bubble photo in my last blog as well! Talk about over exposure!

  3. Good stuff Dave. All good pics but I like the first one of the Beemer and then the one of the R1 too.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Lucky I’ve got a few bikes to choose from. ;)

  4. Lovely, Dave. Thanks for playing along. Meaningful pics, that's the spirit. My favourite is the little guy chasing bubbles ;-)

    1. Thanks for setting the challenge Sonja! It certainly killed a few hours for me. :-)

  5. You picked some good ones Dave. That red pick some win a prize for the vivid color.

    And you had enough pics to choose from. I don't think I took 10 photos all last year, doh!

    1. Thanks Brandy. You need to stop playing adults and get back to having some fun in 2019!! The interwebs was a quiet place without you around last year. I hope this year is being kinder so far and look forward to hearing more from you guys.


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