Friday, December 2, 2016

Just Like A New One

I posted up a little while back here that I was sending my R1 down to Sydney for some much needed suspension work. I also proclaimed that I would post "in about a month" about riding with my little Bro down in Sydney.

Well.......that "month" seems to have morphed into 9 months but just like a new baby, it was probably worth the wait.

What happened I hear you ask? 
Weeelllll, the bike went to Sydney with Rick as planned in that post above. It then sat at Chillertek's house for a few weeks until he had time to take it out to Teknik Motorsports in Penrith. They had done work on his 2000 model R1 which Steve was very happy with. 

I wasn't in a huge hurry for the bike, what with winter approaching and Teknik took me at my word. "No rush" I had said and they certainly didn't rush. Just over two (2) months later I had a call saying the bike was ready to be picked up. It took Steve another few weeks to get out there to pick it up. When he did finally make the trip I received a phone call from him - "did your bike have a dent in the tank and a cracked fairing?" Hell, no! I said, it was almost unmarked - rare for a 14 year old bike.

To his credit Steve went in and approached them for me. They denied doing any damage or knowing anything about it. Grrr.

I sent an email, courteously pointing out that the bike was unmarked when it went in and asked what they were going to do about it. Belatedly, to their credit and with minimal arm twisting, they agreed to pay for the damage to be fixed at their cost. Clearly they knew they had caused the damage as there is no way you would wear that sort of cost if you knew you had not caused it. Both Steve and I are a bit pissed off that we had to challenge them. They should have been upfront and told us they had damaged it. This grubbiness is what turned me off the motorcycle industry years ago. If you fuck up, admit it, fix it and move on.

While a positive outcome, it meant the R1 had to stay in Sydney for another month or two for a visit to Sydney City Smash Repairs. While it was in there I took the opportunity to get a few small blemishes fixed up at my expense. The result is one very tidy looking R1.

Between picking the bike up from Teknik and dropping it at SCSR, Steve took it for a spin with one of his mates, Geoff. After a good day out he splashed some fuel in the tank to get him to the smash repairers. Well, that fuel must have been contaminated as the bike then began to miss and only run on a couple of cylinders under 3000rpm! 

I finally made the trip down to Sydney to pick the bike up in October, with Rick again kind enough to lend me his trailer. Throwing the mtb in as well, I planned on hitting a few trails along the way.

I bought a new set of spark plugs and a fuel pump gasket while in Sydney. I planned on cleaning the tank out and throwing the new plugs in myself but there simply aren't enough hours in a day so after another month I decided to drop it to the professionals at Ultimate Yamaha.

 I did enjoy the road trip down and back though, with a stop in to visit the folks. The signage around Coonabarabran was a little different, with planets of the solar system dotted along the highway at representative distances from the sun (well, the observatory at Siding Springs representing the sun).

The Yamaha dealer said the fuel filter was full of black gunk but the plugs weren't too bad - they did fit the new ones while in there though. I discovered the bike has a K & N air filter (score!) and that they balanced the throttle bodies. The number 2 cylinder was a fair way out of balance so it is dialed and now the bike idled smoothly as well.

Riding the bike home from the shop the engine felt silky smooth. the suspension feels tight and compliant and best of all - it is ready to ride!! I do need to set the suspension up and I must admit, I don't feel comfortable asking Teknik where to start. I guess I will just have to figure it out myself. I will post up my thoughts on the suspension work once I get a chance to dial it and put some kilometres (metric miles) on the new squish.

Today is the first day of Summer and it is a scorcher. I may need to wait until March 2017 for it to cool down enough to ride.

Luckily I am not in a hurry............


  1. I am glad the bike is race ready once again.

    I can't believe the mechanics didn't fix the bike back to tip top shape before Steve went to pick it up and admit they dropped it but fixed it. Like they expected a rider not to notice the dents and cracks. Fuckers.

    Great pic of your son on the bike too. Has he been bit by the motorcycle bug to go along with the bicycling bug?

    1. Not bitten yet Brandy but I will have the antivenene on standby in case he does!

  2. Rick is an expert on setting up suspension. He set all of ours at Phillip Island and it was perfect didn't have to touch it again.

    Can't believe the fuck around we went through.

    1. I will have to pester Rick again then.
      Thanks again for chasing Teknik up for me. Not a pleasant task if it was your own bike - let alone for someone else. But I see you liked the beer. ;)

  3. Not in a hurry to ride your bike? Sorry do not understand...

    Get amongst it man!

    1. Andrew, too many hobbies and not enough time is my problem.

  4. just about to go to that teknik joint to get the front sorted on mine
    note to self: dont leave it there unattended
    am sure there are a few that have set the suspension up and can pass on there thoughts about it
    really dont see why he cant help you out though

  5. I think they do good work but yes, in hindsight leaving the bike with them for 2 months was inviting disaster.
    I really just need to setup the sag then I can tweak from there. It doesn't feel too bad as is though.


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