Saturday, December 24, 2016

Jesus Christ! Its Your Birthday!

Well, another year has almost run it's course. They do seem to be sliding by uncomfortably quickly these days. All the more reason to squeeze more into each one before it is too late.

Anyway, to my very few regular readers, I hope you have a great Christmas and enjoy the chance to spend time with the people who are special too you, while enjoying too much food and possibly too much fine drink. For that is what the silly season has become to us some 2100 years on. I am sure that it was Darwin tthat said traditions can be changed or adapted as required?  Or something to that effect.

While you ponder that circuitous route to the point I was making may I simply wish you all a very merry Christmas. Make it what you will but please enjoy it.

Merry bloody Christmas.


  1. Can't we just drink a Bloody Mary for Christmas instead of having a Merry bloody Christmas?

    Happy Ho Ho to you and your family.

    And I agree the years pass even quicker as we get older, sigh.


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