Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fare Thee Well - 2014 As It Was

2014 is without doubt the fastest moving year on record!

 Well, for me it certainly was. I am sure I had less than 5 days all year that were chill days, that is, not pre allocated to work or something to do with the kids, the house, trail building or mountain biking. 

First World Problem, yes, I know.

That isn't to say that I didn't have a good time. 

The year started on the right note, with a 4am road ride to see in the new year.

I was soon on holidays with the kids and we spent some time in Canberra and the Snowy Mountains, joined by Gaz and his daughter, Elody.

After a week back at work it was time for some more time off!! Yep, I headed to New Zealand, the South Island to be exact, for a motorbicycling holiday with my little Bro and two of his mates, Wayne and Geoff. This was the culmination of almost 20 years dreaming and we finally decided we just needed to make it happen.

And happen it did! 3900km in 10 days saw us roll all of the passes from West to East and back again as we made our way South down the island. Much great Kiwi beer was consumed and tall tales told....

A rest day in Queenstown was golden.....

Chasing my little Bro, Chillertek...this was as close as I ever got.

The 10 days went all too quickly but I will remember that trip for a long time to as I have a lot of photos to prompt the ageing memory!

Trail building took a huge leap forward this year with a professional contractor cutting our next trail. We only had to plan the route then watch him cut it out. 

Spangled Drongo was born! We then had a huge trail care tidy up day that was well attended by about 40 riders, our best roll up so far.

In fact, we had 2 new trails built in our forest with the latest, Birdwing, going in during early December. It is very new and raw but it is our best effort by quite a ways, so far.

Work took precedence for the middle portion of the year. Well, you have to pay the piper at some stage. Much tooing and froing of the country ensued. 

This was my view for 708.4 hours this year...

The view outside was usually much more interesting.....

And with about 80 nights away from home this year, I tried to keep the fitness up by stepping out at every opportunity....

The kids did much as well. Lucy started high school and to our great relief, loved it. They both played sports. Lucy being in an undefeated Under 12 girls soccer team and Will battling through another Rugby season.

More importantly, they both did quite a bit of mountain biking. 

Lucy took some wins this year. In fact, she won the State Series with a clean sweep of all races...

Pancakes and pies fuel those little engines.

I had a couple of new mountain bikes join the stable this year. 

A new cross country race bike and a new "all rounder", my much anticipated Titanium framed Lynskey 29er to replace my old faithful Giant XTC.

My poor motorbicycle has rarely seen the light of day this year. I guess I may have had it out of the shed 6 times all year. Clearly an unacceptable outcome for such a pretty, old girl. 

I do have some plans for her that involve Chillertek, so watch this space.....

I must thank all of my regular riding buddies for allowing me to ride with them. I appreciate your company, your different outlooks on life and your humour. Thanks for some great rides throughout the's to more in 2015...

Apologies to those that I haven't been able to catch on memory card, you know who you are......

2014 was simply frickin' awesome! I don't see how 2015 can be better, but I know it is going to be bigger, better and hopefully........loooonger.

Cheers and thank you for tuning in this year.

Happy New Year all!


  1. Looks like you had a pretty good year too.
    An looks like 2015 will be a great year for me when you give me your R1. Yeay shhhhhhhhh and there was much rejoicing.

  2. You may have been busy, but I think 2014 was a good year for you. You had fun, did some riding, had few epic trips. It's all good. Happy New Year!


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