Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To Blackbutt

With the weather finally acting "normal" again we decided it was time to ride some of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) again. This time as a family.

The plan was- number 1 child and I would head from Linville to Blackbutt, trying to beat the growing darkness after our late start due to kids sporting committments. Number 2 child and The Boss would drive up to Blackbutt to meet us. We would stay the night then all ride down the trail to Linville again on Sunday morning. I figured that this would make an easy introduction to cycling for The Boss.

Kicking off at 4pm made for golden light along the trail as we turned the pedals out of the old Linville railway station.

Number 1 child was super pumped about the ride as well. A year older than the last time she rode it and on a larger wheeled bike I knew she would smash the 22km(14mi) steady climb up to Blackbutt.

We made good time but the sun soon slipped behind the hills and the air quickly felt chill.

This didn't mean there wasn't time to stop and smell the flowers though.

With Number 1 now having clip in pedals she was a bit hesitant about bombing down into the creek crossings where the bridges had once stood. She took it carefully but always with a grin on her face.

This year I had made a careful study of Google Maps and my old GPS traces to pinpoint the location of an Aboriginal Bora ring just off the rail trail. Last year I had tried to go by memory and had failed miserably thus enduring the wrath of a not-very-happy 9 year old!!

In defence of my memory, I had the correct area in mind but I just lacked the detail to nail it down. Not so this time around though! We found it!! This ring is in a pine plantation but to their credit when the pines were sown, they left the Bora Ring intact. They even went to a bit of trouble to fence it off from the forest road.

It is a little difficult to make the ring out in photograph. Lucy is standing on the mound that forms the other side of the ring and when I paced it out, she was 19m(yards) away.

Needless to say, she was CHUFFED.

We rolled into Blackbutt in a glare of AY-UP lights just after dark where we were whisked off to our accomodation and plenty of country pub food.

Next morning after a slap up breakfast we were all back at the trail head ready to get underway. The Boss, in her 50m ride from the car(the first in years), had already been swooped by a stroppy magpie! I hoped it wouldn't be an omen for the day....

We were soon climbing the 1 kilometre of uphill trail before the trail went downhill all the way to Linville. The Boss had Number 2 child for company along here. He was very excited to have Mum joining us for the ride.

This being her first ride with us and not knowing what to expect, there were a few moments of consternation until the trail did really go downhill. This is why this ride is great for beginners as it is 21km of gentle downhill where if you chose to pedal it just propels you even faster.

We soon rolled past all of the points of interest, including the Bora Ring again. 

Before we knew it we were back in Linville and the kids were straight into the old railway carriages to play.

I jumped on the bike and blasted back up the trail to pick up the car from Blackbutt. This made for a very nice social morning capped with a solid ride for an hour. 

Arriving back with the car I loaded up a hungry family for a pit stop at the Fernvale Bakery. All up it was a very pleasant way to spend a day and we might hit another section of the trail once the kids sports have fizzled out for the year.


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  1. Sounds like a great time spend with family. Nice that the Boss could join you for a pedal and keep your inner hooligan in check.


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