Sunday, June 23, 2013

Missing In Action

Yes, I have been missing in too much action this June! Hardly a post all month is an indication that I have been pretty busy and not really sitting in front of a computer screen.

Sim reared it's 6-monthly head again and in the interests of keeping a (good)job, I diligently put in the requisite study to keep the fun coupons flowing in.

I have been pounding out a fair few miles on the road bike with several of my neighbours. I can only hope they are hurting as much as I am after each morning session! There has also been the odd, uneventful, local mountain bike ride as well.

Today though I managed to get out for a reasonably decent MTB ride. Five of us started out from the Maccas at Beaudesert to head up Duck Creek Rd to O'Reilly's guest house on the top of Green Mountain.

It was a cold, clear morning with several of us registering 3 degrees C (37F) on our car thermometers. The moon was also unusually large as it was about 40 000km closer to the earth. A Super Moon!(but not a Super Photo)

We rolled out of Maccas at 6am for the 21km(13mi) ride to the meeting point where more riders were joining in a little closer to the climb. Needless to say the pace was solid right away as everyone wanted to warm up!

Spinning along Kerry Rd we made introductions as we watched first light brighten the eastern sky.

We had one hour to cover the distance to the second meeting point and we smashed it in 40 minutes. While waiting for the second group to ready themselves some of us refuelled. Some, like Troy, with more stlye than others. Soup anyone?

The 9 of us were soon rolling toward Green Mountain and making some more introductions. It wasn't much warmer yet but that would change as the road went up.

Sure enough, we generated some heat on the first climb. We also gained about 120m(400ft) elevation in 1km(0.6mi). The view from the first lookout was pretty good.

Onward and upward it was. Everyone happy to be getting stuck into it.

We were joined by a slow starting(late), but hard charging Aaron on his cyclocross rig. That made 10 of us with 4 nationalities represented. Very multicultural !

We even had the long arm of the law checking us out. "Is that an Australian Standards approved helmet sir?" Or maybe they were just checking out the coffee up on the mountain as they had passed us going up. Now they were on the descent.

The next lookout comes along after a sustained climb, but it is well worth the effort with views out to Mt Barney, Mt Lindsay and the QLD/NSW border.

Not long after we plunged into the rainforest where the temperature felt 10 degrees cooler again. There is an opening out to the right with more views over Luke O'Reilly's farm.

Very soon we were turning onto the sealed road for the final short climb to the resort at the top of Green Mountain.

Arriving at the top we seconded a couple of bewildered English tourists to snap some photos of us. I heard someone ask "have you cycled all the way up here?!". It isn't really that incredible.

Hot coffee, warm food and delicious cakes were scoffed at an astounding rate while we soaked up some sunshine at the resort cafe'. Oh, and the view was drunk in....

Donning all of our warm gear we began the plunge back down the mountain. Almost 18km(11mi) of constant downhill awaited us.

As you can imagine, this didn't provide many opportunities for snapping photos but I managed to get a few.

Arriving at the bottom of the hill we stopped to drop some coins in the donation box. Duck Creek rd was built by volunteers and is maintained through donations from the public. As a volunteer trail builder I can appreciate how much even a small amount of charity can go so far. We dropped a few goldies in the post.

Even on the relative flat land the group ploughed along at a decent speed and were soon back at the cars on Duck Ck Rd.

Saying our good-byes, some of the group jumped in their cars to head for home, Troy turned left for his camp at Darlington Park and four of us turned right, for the 21km, tailwind assisted, pedal back to Beaudesert.  How sweet it is!

I had a great day out on the bike, meeting some new people that had previously been pseudonyms on a forum. We had enjoyed some good food and my legs still felt pretty good at the end.

Thanks to everyone that came along and made the day what it was. It is nice to "be found" again.

Total stats for the day are below. 

Cheers and hope to see you on the next one. ;)


  1. That looks like a great day of riding, but damn, 3˚ is a chilly start. My hands would be frozen to the bars.

  2. It actually wasn't as bad as it sounds. Only doing 10-15mph helps here I guess.

  3. Looks like an awesome ride. Just found your blog today. I am a Mt Cotton-based mountain & road bike rider. I just got some bikepacking gear so am checking out your blog for ideas for weekends away.


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