Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Closer To The Edge

Have you heard of the Isle Of Man TT?  If the answer is "yes", then the hairs are probably standing up on the back of your neck right now. If the answer is "no", then prepare to be blown away.....and to ask "why"?

I can hardly understand a word that Guy Martin says in this movie, but concentrate and you will laugh at his sense of humour. Watch him on a bike and you will be speechless.

This is a very professionally made movie on what the TT is about and what it means to the guys and girls(and their families) that race it. It tells the back story and the history behind this race week. All 106 years of it.

The TT is being held as I type this and I hope for all of the riders sake(and their families) that they all survive the week.......the odds aren't good though.

Grab a beverage, turn up your volume, sit back but listen very carefully and enjoy "Closer To The Edge-Isle Of Man-TT".

A sandwich short of a picnic? Sure, but these guys deserve some sort of respect. Oh, and remember to cheer on Cam Donald, the Aussie. Chillertek and I chatted with him while we had new tyres fitted to our bikes in Melbourne waaaay back in 2003. Bloody nice guy.


Got to love the 13 seconds from 47:37!!

Cheers and thanks for checking in.

Thanks to "Geezer With A Grudge" for the video link.


  1. Yep that movie was fantastic. I downloaded it last year.Wish I had of seen it in the cinema on the big screen.

    These guys deserve respect thats for sure. Crazy? No I don't think so. It's all a matter of perspective. I think that people that jump out of planes with a backpack full of silk are completely bonkers. But many people do it.

    I'd love to ride around this Isle when it was a closed circuit at speed. It would be awesome.

    1. "At speed" is obviously a very relative term. The racers say 3 years to get your eye in.....that bend at Balyclary looks frightening.

  2. Wow! What a find. Thanks for bringing to my awareness.
    On a separate note, I can't help but have a VERY BIG GRIN when I look at your header picture now Flyboy. So much awesome wasn't it. ;-)

    1. Unless you have been on The Rim , ridden the drops and savoured the view you just won't understand. Right Miff? ;-)

  3. RIGHT on Flyboy. Etched forever more in my memories as probably the THE ride of all my travels ;-)


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