Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Part of the Puzzle II

Well, I have been waiting for a jacket to ride this new/old R1 and the call finally came yesterday that my "old faithful" Rivet jacket was ready to be collected from the dry cleaner.

Fully rejuvenated from 5 years of Flyboy neglect and Queensland humidity I must say it looks bloody good, considering I bought it in 1993! It is also unearthing some great feelings and memories in me......and my wife. I was showing her how good it looks compared to the pants part of the suit that is yet to be cleaned and I swear I could see in her face a wistful look, possibly thinking back to a trip we did in 1997 down to Phillip Island in our early courting days.

Or possibly remembering me with hair! That ugly bloke on the right is the Road to Nowhere guy.

Anyway, the jacket looks great and I will send the pants and my Brando jacket in for the same treatment. You can clearly see the difference from the jacket to the pants in this picture. No comments please on the 90s styling. I like it....

Funny how it works though. I had an email from the US yesterday saying that a particular Alpinestars mesh jacket was back in stock. So, I ordered it again (4th time) and am yet to get the "we regret to inform you" email, so I may have my choice of jackets soon. All that remains is to organise a helmet that doesn't smell like Granny Moses armpits and then I am free to rock!

I must admit that despite the...ahhmmm...costs so far, it has been a great trip down memory lane getting all of my gear in order. I hope that the riding will be as much fun as I remember. As all of my previous riding was continuous through my late teens, 20s and early 30s, it is slightly daunting to be getting back into it in my early 40s. I was flying with a guy of similar vintage last week and we were discussing motorcycles, as he had been a rider before having 3 daughters and he admitted to "losing his nerve" and getting out several years ago. Bloody brave guy to admit that to another bloke actually. I think much more of him as a result.

I hope my judgement is up to the task, as without it, choosing corner entry speeds and braking points might be guesswork. A clear recipe for disaster on a motorcycle. I am nervously looking forward to it. Perhaps a refresher training course might be in order?

I stumbled across this test from "back in the day" when my bike was at the cutting edge. Funny to read but, it is just as I remember the hype at the time. Trip back into the past with this 2002 R1 Test .

On another note, the mountain bike trail building here in Cornubia is powering ahead. I had a slight "melt down moment" in this post when I discovered I would miss out on the chance to ride a signature Australian trail due to trail care commitments. I have re-organised that trip and last weekend we had another strong turnout to trail building, so happy days!

Better still, because MTBers are a pretty fit bunch, they punched through all of the trail that we intended to build by 8:30am and I had to rapidly mark up another 80-100 metres of trail to keep them busy!!

Adding to this, a BBQ was thrown on by the local council bush fire services guys in appreciation of the efforts of the local mountain bikers. Remember, these trails are for the use of trail walkers, runners, as well as riders, but the only people to build or maintain them are the Mountain Bike community. As a result, we are finally gaining some serious traction with the landholders. To our credit (my opinion) we are pretty inclusive with regard to selling our trails as walking, cycling (and horse riding where appropriate). This coupled with some serious numbers on two wheels being counted out on the trail, has our political masters finally paying us some respect. I almost feel like a real estate developer, sway wise!!

Feels funny to be on this high after the low I felt last week when faced with the massive building effort that I was slow to realise was staring us in the face. Some great support during the week from the other LCTA Trail Care coordinator (thanks Chris), as well as the massive effort by the volunteers on saturday, was more than enough to resurrect my spirits after my ....erm...blow out.

I am soooo looking forward to this weekend's effort. Here is were we will be this week.....the wide angle hides the steepness of the slope.

Fun times ahead!!!!


  1. What a difference a cleaning made on that jacket. Once the bottoms are done you'll be race ready.

    Good to see all the help turn out for the trail building. It looks like some fabulous countryside.

    1. Yes, that bush/forest is only about 1km from home. We are lucky to live in a very nice area.

  2. Jacket looks awesome mate. I highly recommend some training when you get back on the back on the bike. Just remember you arn't 19 any more, and from experince it does hurt when you fall off. Ooops didn't mean to sound negative. You are gonna have a lot of fun re discovering the joy of motorcycling.

  3. Yes the jacket really did come up good, it looks as good as the photo above it. Wonder if I should get all my gear dry cleaned to make it look better.
    Yes thats right you are not 19 anymore, closer to 75 I think so you'd better go easy on the first lot of bends you hit or else you go spearing off into the bushes. You don't have the reflexes you used to or the fearless bravado either.


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