Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sharing the fun

Late last week instead of the usual after school activities I decided it was time for some more junior cycling action. The venue, right near school, was of course Daisy Hill.

Shut up Legs!!

We tackled the gentler trails of Tunnel of Love and Koala, which the kids enjoyed.

We can't get that Epic number plate off him!


While we were stopped at the 5 ways for a breather, Flygirl decided to take on the top section of Possum Box for some added thrills. Her conclusion? Next time we do Possum Box too!

With no "offs" it was a great afternoon. The kids had an awesome time (Flygirl didn't want to leave until it got dark) and there is something satisfying for me in seeing how quickly they learn new skills.


  1. If see is flygirl and you are flyboy what the heck does that make your son? Flyboy Jnr?

  2. Lucy has some talent over those rocks. No brakes !!!


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