Friday, June 24, 2011

Thoughts from the Tour Divide

How hard must this race be?

From the blog of a rider currently testing herself...........

Conquering the desire to quit requires some mind games. Knowing that I am not even half way through this journey is daunting; thinking about what is ahead is too much for my brain to handle. So, I break it down into smaller pieces. Day by day is too large sometimes. Mostly, I look ahead town to town, meal to meal. When that is too much, I just look ahead to what my eye can see. And, when that is too much, I look three inches in front of my tire and watch the ground blur and listen to myself pant.

Too much work and not enough riding is making me a bit testy, but watching the Tour Divide is certainly helping put things in perspective. Work definitely looks the easier option, if not nearly as picturesque..

I have some leave coming up next month and I am hoping to put some miles under my wheels and also join in on normal family life for a week or two. Who is up for a ride?


  1. Dave. It's time we got on with a couple of those rides you ask me about from time to time. Perhaps we can knock over that Camp Mountain, Scrub Road, Creek Road route soon.

  2. I'm up for a ride but you bastards are too slow....

  3. Graham- As soon as I finish my landscaping and paint the house I'm there.

    Chillertek- I have a push bike here with your name on it fat boy ;) Lets see how fast you are...

  4. Hmmmm...maybe a ride that goes in ever diminishing circles in Cornubia and ends at a ladder and a paintbrush!
    No! Must see Castle Hill and Black Rock, amongst others. Or BFP? Or Brisbane Valley Rail Trail?


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