Thursday, June 30, 2011

Midweek MTBing

So, with work encroaching heavily on life again lately and the Tour Divide coverage holding my spare attention, I finally was able to break free. I had an opportunity to take a roll around the Koala bush lands with Dean0 this week. It had been too long since the last dirt ride (12 days due to work) and despite a late finish at work, the plan was set. We would push off from Cornubia and head across to West Mt Cotton rd and the Eastern Escarpment. Then a lap of the Karingal track to see how it looked after the Sushine Series round there on sunday. From Karingal it was to be via the standard EE loop to Daisy Hill for whatever we felt like, then back across to Cornubia to finish off with a roll down Wallum Froglet to home.

Done with this....

                                                                            So, on to this.

After a bit of a chat and a good look at the view, it was..........




The Eastern Escarpment is as rideable as it has ever been. Would you believe it is fun? Er, how about rewarding? Er, then how about hurty?

A brief stop to appreciate the easterly view.

Then a slight diversion to take in the "new" westerly view.

From here you can see clear across to Daisy Hill and the Shailer family property.

We then put the hurt on ourselves a bit. In a good way, of course, with a lap of Karingal. The track is in perfect condition. Maybe I should have ridden in C grade as well as helping out after all last weekend?

The desire to take photos dwindled at about the same rate as the pain increased, so the only "stills" are now in my head. Until I can find the USB plug for that interface, I shall leave it to your imagination to guess how it panned out. Suffice to say there was no blood award but there was hurt for my legs.

Yet another great morning in the saddle with great company. It is what mountain biking is about.
Now to recover in time for the 6 hour this sunday.
Go "The Nigel"!

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