Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wingello will do

Mt Stromlo and its snaking trails will have to wait until another day. Logistics have got in the way for the time being and plan B has had to be put into action.

Wingello State Forest has a small trail network that is slowly being expanded by the enthusiastic trail builders of the Southern Highlands. The trails form part of the enourmously popular Highland Fling. They are not very technical at all, with the trickiest sections being blue/intermediate at best. That is fine as the scenery makes up for the lack of technical challenge.

 Today was the first day that the sun has made an appearance all week and I thought I had better get out and make the most of it. As I drove into the forest though a large thunderstorm was making it's way toward me.I just hoped that I would have time to check out the Red Loop trail before it hit.

 One thing I noticed was the complete lack of rubbish on the trail.Over 25 kilometres not one gel wrapper or other piece of litter was spotted.Very nice work guys.

Please bear with me while I figure out how to edit videos. It is a work in progress (for about 8 months now!)and I think I will have to purchase some software so that I can splice various files into one video.


Until next time.

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