Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day Punishment

With the day off for a change I accepted an invitation for a cruise down to the Gold Coast with Chickendrinker and Graeme.
According to CD, Greame was cheating by riding a MTB fitted with slicks. My road bike with 100 psi in the tyres was not only cheating, it was backing over them after I had knocked them down!
Anyway, it was an extremely pleasant ride down in the cool morning air. Once we arrived at The Spit and the other guys had met their families I turned around and headed back again. Well, there had to be a decent reason to ride the road bike.
It was starting to warm up sustantially so a quick coffee break was taken at Hope Island and then it was back on the bike. There was a lot of hurt starting to happen from this point on and I really should have taken some photos earlier in the ride as I had definitely lost my sense of humour by now!

Just some stats though and a few days off the bike to let the blisters on my hands recover.

Hope you had a great day in "New Holland". Thanks Captain Cook.


  1. Geez!!! you should have burnt off some of that Christmas cheer with 4,152calories

    I was a lot cooler out at Currumbin in the kayak :-P

  2. Jody, thanks for the ride.....I think....

    Gaz, no, I still can't see my feet! How was the paddling?


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