Friday, August 20, 2021



Again, it has been a little while since I wrote something on here. Things have been predictably unpredictable in Australia. We are trying to keep Covid levels at zero and of course there are constant outbreaks with cities and states locking down continuously and the other states locking those states out. As it stands today the only states not under any restrictions are Tasmania and Western Australia. That means they can go to any other state or territory but no person from one of the cursed states can travel to Tassie or WA. That means about 23 million people are locked into their own states or territories.

As you can imagine, this completely destroys travel and hence aviation (amongst many other industries). Yep, we are stood down again and from where I sit, I cannot see NSW and more importantly, Sydney, being open to other states before Christmas. That is 8 million people locked out of everywhere.

So, staring down the tunnel of more uncertainty and seeing the pinprick of light get smaller, a mate and I felt the need for some distraction last week. We decided to meet at a motorcycle shop which has an in house cafe' for a coffee. While doing so we perused the ample stock of motorcycles for sale. He asked me the random question "if you could have any bike here, what would you have"?

 "The blue one" I replied. (I like blue bikes!)

Fast forward a few days and I was mulling over his question - "if I could have any bike, which would I have". Despite the shitty last 18 months I came to the realisation that I COULD have ANY bike there. We are talking bikes after all, not $300 000 mid-life crisis cars, so I thought I would go test ride that blue bike!

A few days later I checked to see if it was still there. Damn! It was. Why wouldn't someone buy the bloody thing?!

I wandered back in a week later and made them a stupid offer. They countered and I met them part way.

Shit! I'd bought another bike!

This is one of those bikes that puts a huge smile on your dial just from firing it up. Riding it makes me feel like the 18 year old lunatic that I used to be. Twisting the throttle is arm stretchingly awesome fun and I am almost as happy just sitting there looking at it.

Yep. I haven't felt like this about a bike in almost 30 years......



  1. Hahahaha - oh Dave.... why not indeed? With NZ in lockdown again, I know exactly how you feel and congratulations! Clearly, the Aprilia had an emotional component about it so you can't go wrong. A friend of mine had one for 2 years and loved it to bits. Fuel consumption and servicing costs were his only grizzles but he was on a complete high for those 2 years. Again, congratulations and don't get caught by Queensland's finest! :-)

    1. Geoff, all I could think of when I heard it start up and as I rode it was YOU saying how your KTM made you feel.
      The Ape may be expensive to run, it's reliability questionable(compared to my Jap bikes) but it is so much fun! The power, the razor sharp handling and the looks. They do it for me and if it goes a bit pear shaped, well so be it. I felt like taking a risk for once in my life. Thanks for the nudge. 😁

  2. Hahaha went to buy coffee came home with a bike. How many objects did the missus hurl at you?
    Nice one bro!!!!

    1. None. I loded the canon several time and the trigger just needed to be pulled but wasn't! Like I said, it's been a shitty year and I have been very well behaved so perhaps good things do come to those who wait?

  3. Must be a lockdown thing - got my RMX at the end of our first one. Must stay off Trademe...

    Enjoy the new horse Dave!

    1. Thanks mate. Yes, be careful. New-bike-itis can strike at any time!

  4. Wow! Nice bike.

    But wait, does this mean the AT was taking you in a direction you did not like Dave, or you see a place for both?

    I occasionally think about getting something more playful, the CB650R I rode in Thailand delighted me like a happy puppy 'lets go, lets go'. Then back in Japan cursing ice cold 60kph crosswinds I'm wishing for a screen that goes right the freaking way over my head :D


    1. I see a place for all three! Life is too short and there are so many bikes.😉

    2. Warren, to add to that - I very much like where the Africa Twin is and does take me. It is the (almost) perfect "do everything" bike and if I could only have ONE bike, it would be the ONE to rule them all.
      But holy Jeebus, that Aprillia sounds like a MotoGp bike....


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