Thursday, October 22, 2020

Spring Has Sprung

 This one is a little out of left field for me as I am not usually a flora or fauna watcher but here in Brisbane in Spring you can't help but notice the Jackaranda trees blooming everywhere. Their bright purple flowers are like a beacon right across the city and suburbs. I also thought Geoff might like it. ;)

New Farm Park, which is right on the river, nestled alongside the city of Brisbane has a large concentration of these beauties and I thought an early morning ride to catch them during sunrise might make for an enjoyable pedal and some great photos.

Having the paths to myself, in the cool of pre dawn, was delightful and I made it to the park with plenty of time to spare. 

So, as I had three batteries for the drone I had a play around with it. I don't get it out much and needed the practice!

Pre sunrise, killing time

In fact, because of a hill on the other side of the river it took the sun quite a while after the "official" sunrise to poke it's head up and bring the colours out on the Jackarandas lining the park's ring road.

The sun finally peeking over the hill.

I set the drone to take time lapse photos and even though it doesn't have a great camera. I was happy with the results. I mean, how can you not take great photos when you have these trees to work with?!

The ride back to the car was much busier but still pleasant as it was a nice cool, clear morning. The old Story bridge looked great in battleship grey this morning.

Excuse the music er noise in the video. "Free" for a reason.....



  1. I think I just got hayfever reading this

  2. Bloody hell Dave, you've got a sensitive side ;-) . Seriously though mate, that's great photography and an excellent video. Those massed Jacarandas look amazing and thanks for posting. We planted a Jacaranda over 10 years ago and the darned thing has yet to flower. I'll reply in kind on my blog with respect to a short excursion that the CEO and I have just done!

    1. Shhhh...don't tell anyone mate!!
      I have edited the post to include a couple more photos that I forgot to add. Thanks for the kind words. ;)

  3. Seeing those Jacaranda's sure reminds me of home, good work Dave!


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