Tuesday, January 21, 2020

2019 In Pictures

Yes, pictures.
Because a picture tells a thousand words. After having my slackest blogging year since I started this caper, this is how it is going to be. Yes, just two posts per month (with none at all in June - you will note why later) as I really haven't felt like much of interest has happened in 2019.

Anyway, here goes......

January was another
Victorian high country holiday.

was a visit to Sirromet Wines for Cars N Coffee

was using a work trip to climb Ben Lomond in Tasmania and having Chiller visit for a four day ride of SEQ.

was my eldest's Year 12 Formal and many funds were expended.... plus a visit to my folks where we wheeled out some golden oldies and did some exploring.

saw us running in a mate's new ride via various back roads and some Top End flying.

was a bit busy with work, letting go of relics of the past and starting a trip across the Simpson Desert.

and we were still on the Desert trip. 
This included hiking up Ayer's Rock amongst other things.

was a crack at a Far Ride and not much else really.

was looking at dust storms from 39 000ft and visiting "home" again.

was a bit motorcycle-centric with picking up a bike for the kids, attending a California Superbike School day at Morgan Park and the Phillip Island Moto GP with Will and Steve.

was some yard work, Number 1 child's graduation (with some honours!) and watching pyrocumulonimbus clouds boil up to 30 000ft as the bushfires took hold on the East Coast.

was more yard work tinged with sadness at the futility of keeping it all alive, then thanking my stars that we weren't burnt out like so many others.

Lets hope 2020 is a bit more interesting than 2019 was because frankly, 2019 just felt like going through the motions. Apart from a few key events it took a lot of sifting through photos to find anything much of note......

Roll on 2020!!



  1. Dave mate, you have a real eye for photography - some sensational photos there! Despite you claiming that you didn't do much, it seems to me that you had a pretty varied year with some great sights. Let's hope that 2020 is better for all of us eh?

    1. Yeah, we did a bit (especially the desert trip which I was too slack to blog about) but it doesn’t feel like I achieved anything much. Maybe a crazy MTB race will jazz 2020 up a bit.....

  2. That trip through the desert looked fun but didn't you take the wrong vehicle?

    Great stuff, all the best for 2020!

    1. Yes it was fun and no, we didn’t take the wrong vehicle. I kept telling myself each day (as it took us 6 days to do 450km) “thank fcuk I’m not on the F800!” You would want a light, very off road oriented bike to do it safely. (Waiting on a T700 test ride as we speak) ;)

    2. Chatting to a T7 owner on Sunday. He's put 1200km on his and is raving about how good it is. Called it a scalpel on gravel, super smooth motor etc etc. He has a 1200GS and has had big KTM's etc. Very experienced off road rider - he is taking it on the Dusty Butt while I'm taking the 250 (lots of proper offroad riding).

    3. Yep, looks interesting but with the “add ons” it will be up near a 1090 or 790 in price. We will see.

  3. Yes I'm glad to see the back of 2019. However I'm not optimistic about 2020. I have a feeling this isn't going to be a good year either. Oh well there's always 2021.
    Good pics bro.

    1. No, it feels like another year of piss weak politics and lefty bullshit. I have resolved to pedal every day this year (which is going great) so maybe I should carry that theme over to the media? Yep, no more “news” for the year. I like the sound of that.


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