Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Young Pups And New Tricks

My kids are growing up. Yup, it happens.....all too quickly. 
The saying goes something like 'the days are long but the years are short" which seems to be more true each year as I have one (Lucy) who is into her last month of school and another in Year 9, so just three more years to go for Will.

Family outing on the BVRT in 2013

While I have tried to give them a good learnin', I am starting to feel that time is slipping away and there is so much more that I could have shown and taught them. Being away a LOT for work and added to that is all of the volunteer mtb work that I have participated in over the last ~ten years or so hasn't helped with this feeling of lost time.

Good mates and a good cause make it easier to volunteer.

We have done a lot of mountain biking because you can do it anywhere, anytime. I have avoided getting into motorcycles with the kids as quite frankly, there aren't many places to ride them and  what locations there are, take time (something I don't have much of) to get to and from.
Since I bought the BMW though, the kids have shown more of an interest in motorcycles, especially Will, whose mates at school all seem to have dirt bikes. 

Well, I guess it might be time to learn these pups some new tricks.

I went and picked up this well cared for, second hand 2013 Yamaha TTR230 yesterday. It should be perfect for the kids to learn on and it might be a keeper as far as Lucy is concerned.

As you can see, it has an "Ag" pack on it and is in mint condition for a 6 year old dirt bike. It seems it came from a family that looks after it's gear. Something I appreciate.

Now to try to find a weekend off work so I can take them out and let the learnings begin....



  1. Very cool! Not much chance of them not getting hooked...

  2. So what I'm hearing and correct me if I've got this wrong is that you've taught them nothing in those 18 years and now your going to teach them how to stay pennyless for the next 40 years, just like you did to me.

    1. Hmmmm..... , why yes, it would appear that you are correct!

  3. Thought so, but it's been a hell of a ride so far....

  4. Don't worry about your kids, they will have learned far more than you could imagine and besides, they keep coming back all their lives and that's when you learn from each other :-) .

    Nice Yamaha! I did the same with our eldest with a Suzuki TS100, then a Suzuki X7 road bike to get his full licence on. Our other two weren't interested and that was just fine by me and especially their mother :-)

    1. I guess so Geoff. Having one come to the end of her schooling is a bit of a shock in that there is so much I want to teach but realistically my sphere of influence is waning now as they begin to grow up/move on.
      They are both excited about learning to ride it though. Unfortunately I don't have a weekend off for at least another three weeks(and even then I may not - depend on the bloody roster). This job sux in a lot of ways.... :(


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